The Bachelor Recap: Sean Lowe Chooses His Final Four And Hometown Dates


While the wilderness races in Montana and the polar bear plunges in Canada were a ton of fun, Sean Lowe is looking forward to spending the next week in the beautiful St. Croix. Hopefully, a warmer climate means Tierra LiCausi might make it through one week without catching hypothermia or suffering a similar major medical drama. My luck… Tierra will get attacked by a shark… Sean will give her another pity rose.
Our Bachelor and his bachelorettes – Catherine Giudici, Lesley Murphy, AshLee Frazier, Desiree Hartsock, Lindsay Yenter, and Shark Bait – will enjoy three one-on-one dates (no roses) and one three-on-one date (one rose) in St. Croix.
Even in paradise Tierra complains within minutes. She isn't happy about the shared sleeping arrangements and rolls a cot into a sitting room, saying, "I'm not about to share some room with girls I don't care for. I'm not friends with girls who like my boyfriends. I think it's just better for me to have my own private space." Later, Lesley quips, "I want to roll away her rollaway into the freaking ocean." Amen. 
Now Tierra is whining about how she hasn't had a one-on-one date with Sean even though he's "crazy" about her. News Flash: Sean is crazy about all of the girls! Tierra thinks she should be Sean's highest priority at this point; however, AshLee scores the first date. A bitter Tierra refers to AshLee as a cougar. AshLee is only 32 years old, mind you, and Tierra is obviously an immature 24-year-old bitch.

Sean brings AshLee to the beach, points out a catamaran just offshore, and tells her to drop her clothes. Together, they swim out to the catamaran, which takes them to a private island. When Sean asks AshLee if the Tierra drama has subsided, she says, "She really is not polite. She isolates herself. It's awkward; it's weird. Who you get is a completely different girl than the house gets. It worries me for you. The second y'all have plans and y'all change those plans, she's not going to like it and she's going to be pouty pants. That's the truth." Sean claims to believe AshLee. 

Sean says about AshLee, "I haven't felt this way about someone since my last one-on-one date in a long time." At dinner, Sean asks AshLee if there's anything he needs to know about her before they (maybe) head to her hometown. AshLee takes what feels like 32 minutes to tell Sean that she got married at 17 years old. When Sean doesn't seem fazed, AshLee declares her love for him.
When Tierra's date card finally arrives, it reads "let's explore our love on the streets of St. Croix," and she's not happy to get the "town" date. She whines about bugs and drippy makeup and not being on the water. Lesley says, "She's so miserable. She's the most unhappy person I've ever come in contact with. I hate that bitch."
As promised, Sean and Tierra walk the streets of St. Croix. To us, Tierra is like, I'm hot, I'm sweaty, I'm thirsty, but to Sean, Tierra is like, I'm the happiest girl ever! Sean is confused, so he asks Tierra how things are going for her. Despite sensing that there's something off about Sean, Tierra blames the other bachelorettes for her all of her hardships. To the camera, she says, "I'm so annoyed. I feel like he's distant from me, and I don't like it. If I find out that another girl has thrown me under the bus, I'll definitely be pissed off." I fear for AshLee's safety. 
At dinner, Sean is caught off guard when Tierra calls him out for being distant, suggesting it's because her one-on-one date came so late. Sean says, "I think it probably has more to do with the drama and the women in the house. That may have put us a little bit behind." A desperate Tierra ups her game and tells Sean that she's falling in love with him. Sean concludes that Tierra probably is a bitch to the other women but she's genuine with him, adding, "Ultimately, at the end of this week, she doesn't have to live with the other women anymore anyway." Credit where credit is due – two points for Tierra – the girl has game. 
The three-on-one date goes to Catherine, Desiree, and Lindsay, which means that Lesley gets the last one-on-one date before hometown dates. At 4:42 a.m. in the morning, Sean sneaks into the bachelorettes' hotel room with a flashlight and camera. Snapping pictures of them sans makeup, Sean's like, Desiree, Lindsay, and Catherine, it's date time! While Lindsay and Desiree freak out over unshaved armpits and no makeup, Catherine simply says, "I just need to pee, then I'm good to go." 
Once they're on the road, Sean explains to Catherine, Lindsay, and Desiree that they will be traveling from one side of the island to the other to see both the sunrise and the sunset. The road trip includes mimosas, a sugar mill, Pippen the donkey, mixed drinks, and a tree house/swing in the rain forest. Now on the opposite side of the island, Catherine and Lindsay decide to move in on what thus far feels like Sean and Desiree's date
Lindsay and Sean make out and giggle about her bridal gown antics on the first night. Sean says about Lindsay, "Now I'm crazy about the girl in the wedding dress. We just both really like each other and we like being with each other. I've developed really strong feelings for her." Catherine uses her time to tell Sean that her dad tried to kill himself – in front of her – when she was 14. Sean says, "I'm admiring how strong and great she is despite all of these things." When Sean asks Desiree about her family, she breaks down in tears, saying, "My family is everything to me. A lot of myself comes from my family and my upbringing, and I just want you to see the joy in it. It's huge for me to bring someone home … I want you to meet them." 
At the end of the date, Sean says that this rose decision has been the hardest yet, but he ultimately offers it to Lindsay. "I am on cloud nine," says Lindsay. "The crazy girl that walked in in the wedding dress now has the hometown rose. Nobody saw that coming." Very true. 
Leading into Lesley's one-on-one date, Sean says he has a chill date planned so he can just spend time getting to know her better. He goes on to admit that he and Lesley are not yet where they need to be to move past this week. I adore Lesley… but she's wearing way too much makeup… Anyway, Lesley stumbles over telling Sean that she's falling in love with him, and he notices. Sean says, "Lesley exudes confidence in every area except our relationship. I can see the nerves working in her. I think it's cute in some respects but in others I feel like we need to start moving past that a little bit." While Lesley gets a few good kisses in, she fails to tell Sean how she feels about him.
Before he makes any big decisions, Sean asks his sister Shay for advice. Sean shares that he can see himself with several of the girls and two, Tierra and AshLee, have told him that they're in love. Shay says, "I just don't want to be watching this unfold and going, 'No, not that one!' the whole time, and then you end up with that one." Sean admits one girl like that comes to mind, adding, "I gave Tierra the very first rose out of the limo, but from the very beginning her name has been circulated as someone who doesn't hang out with the other girls. I hear more and more chatter about how Tierra is just really not a nice person." Shay is like, Don't end up with the girl nobody likes!!!
Meanwhile, Tierra is confronting AshLee about her sabotage. They argue. AshLee says, "When Sean shows up, you're a different person, Tierra," to which Tierra responds, "Girls are jealous. Men love me." Tierra goes on to tell AshLee that she has no place bashing her character because she's not as great as she thinks she is, adding, "Honey, all of these girls have talked sh-t about you. Every single one of them." Later, Catherine is like, You told AshLee we talked sh-t about her? When Tierra flat out denies it, AshLee is like, OMG, roll the freaking tape! The argument continues. AshLee says she's had enough of Tierra's straight stares and raised eyebrows. Tierra screams, "I can't control my eyebrow!" 
Cut back to Sean deciding that Shay needs to meet TierraDUN, DUN, DUN… Sean finds Shark Bait sobbing on her cot. Lindsay muses, "Once again, it's the Tierra show." Tierra admits to Sean that she confronted AshLee about her attempted sabotage. With Shay's advice heavy on his mind, Sean tells Tierra to pack her bags and take her unstable self home. Credit where credit is due – two points for Sean – he finally comes to his senses. 
Sean immediately returns to stupid, asking, "Do you feel like saying goodbye to the girls?" That'd be a no. Tierra sobs, "I can't believe he did this to me … I hope the girls got what they wanted … Nobody will take my sparkle away."
Coming soon to a strip club near you… Tierra Sparkle… with her side kicks Dent and Eyebrow.
Going into the cocktail party, Lindsay, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, and Desiree have no idea where Tierra has been for the past few hours. Sean eventually shows up to tell the bachelorettes that he sent Tierra home and doesn't need a cocktail party before the rose ceremony.
Sean's roses go to Lindsay, Desiree, Catherine, and AshLee. Sean sends Lesley home. 
A shocked Catherine cries, "I honestly can't explain how I'm feeling right now. If he doesn't want Lesley, I don't know why I'm here. She has more in common with him than I do. That's truly what I believe. My beliefs are shattered about what he wants." News Flash: Maybe he wants you, Catherine! Pull yourself together, girl! On her way home, Lesley says, "I don't know how I'm going to recover from this heartbreak."
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