Greg Bennett Bids Farewell To Real Housewives Of New Jersey!

greg b

I have, what I consider, to be bittersweet news.  One of my favorites is quitting Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I realize I'm likely in the minority, but I have a soft-spot for most of the Manzos.  Sure I didn't like when Caroline Manzo got all bitter for an entire season (I was fearful someone was going to awaken to a horse head in their bed), but I do think she is sick of the toxicity and drama…even if she was a participant.  

Even though it can certainly be argued that Caroline's children are overly coddled, I still think Albie and Chris are good guys.  A friend of mine grew up with Albie, and he has nothing but nice things to say about their family.  Of course, without the Manzo boys, there would be no Greg Bennett.  Greggy is by far my favorite Manzo by association…and now he's leaving.  

Greg is heading to the West Coast at the end of this month to make his home in San Francisco.  Sadly (for me), this means he will no longer be appearing on RHONJ, but I'm hoping that he gets some screen time when he comes back to visit!


Caroline recently tweeted, "Throwing Greg a going-away party – he's moving on and making his way in the world #proud."

While the party was supposedly a surprise, it seems as if Greg was in on the secret when he posted on Twitter Friday night.  He wrote, "Not doing anything at all tonight. What a boring night it will be. So boring with nothing exciting going on," followed by, "I just took Deloris out, showered, made myself look nice, and made the train to meet @Laurenmanzo in 30 mins. I deserve a party or something."

Greg continued blowing up his Twitter feed with pictures of friends, family, and the below pictured cake which he posted to Instagram with the caption, "The best going away cake ever."  It is a hilarious cake, that's for sure!

He tweeted, "I'm dancing now, but I'm not drunk enough to cry juuuuust yet," quickly adding, "Now I'm crying."

After all was said and done, it sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. "A phenomenal surprise party. I am going to miss everyone so much. March 1st is going to be a sad day," Greg told his followers.

The guest of honor clearly had an amazing night, noting, "Woke up on the couch to Deloris eating a piece of pizza on my chest. So it was a good night. Thanks again to all who came. Meant the world," before sharing his brother's send-off speech: "'You're all here because Greg loves you, and has probably, at one point, hated you.' -my brother's accurate toast last night."  I posted pictures of Greg with his siblings that he shared on Instagram as well…mainly because his brother is very easy on the eyes!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

greg cake

Greg's cake!

greg and sibs

Greg with his brother and sisters

greg bro

Another picture of Greg and his brother…just because.