Major Love And Hip Hop Franchise Gossip Courtesy Of Erica Dixon And Erica Mena!

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Breaking news, y'all!  Some of the things we see on VH1's Love & Hip Hop franchise aren't actually true!  Yes, that's right!  Relationships, fights, and drama are faked for the sake of entertainment.  I know, I know.  I couldn't believe it either.  I'll give you a moment to deal with this shocker… 😉

There are some major rumors swirling around the original Love & Hip Hop, as well as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  My initial guess was that Joseline was actually a Julliard trained actress who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, but I was a tad off base.  Still, it's good gossip, nonetheless!  We'll start with the tame and move along to some really juicy deets which involve the Ericas from both series.  Read on!


Straight From The A reports that Erica Dixon and Lil' Scrappy of the L&HHA are no longer an item…although they are still pretending to be for the sake of their image.  The couple was all smiles last week when Erica posted a picture of the pair at a promotional event.  However, the whispers around Atlanta are saying that Scrappy and Erica's relationship took a wrong turn after he proposed on the reunion.  Why?  He's still chasing Shay, of course!  Insiders reveal that Erica put up with Scrappy's antics in the past due to her financial situation.  However, now that she's on VH1's payroll, she doesn't need to bother with his cheating arse any longer…and more power to her!

Now, I realize that news isn't very scandalous.  Countless reality couples fake it for the fans, and these two have a history of being on-and-off.  The real dirt has to do with L&HH's Erica Mena.

Bossip is speculating that the franchise's creator Mona Scott-Young has told the volatile Erica to hit the road.  Not only did the entitled and short-fused reality star get into a fight in an altercation last week (what else is new?), but she blamed her violent antics on her VH1 producers wanting to manufacture drama.  It's never a good idea to fight bite the hand who feeds you!  Another purported reason for the alleged firing?  Mona doesn't look to kindly on girl fights…when the girl fighting is preggers!

That's right!  Erica is sporting quite the baby bump, and her friend posted the below picture on Instagram over the weekend with the caption "No caption needed!"  The craziest part?  Rich Dollaz found out the news just like everyone else.

Rich tells The YBF, "I don't know about all the pregnancy rumors. Erica was posting pics on IG from Bar 7 in DC and I'm in Houston. So I guess a convo is def in order when we are back in NY," adding, "We're together on and off. Mostly OFF these days."

I don't even know what to do with this information.  Is she joking?  Geez!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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