Sources Claim Brandi Glanville Wants LeAnn Rimes On Season 4 Of RHOBH!


I've got some "when pigs fly" gossip for you.  It may be highly unlikely, but it's certainly fun to entertain, especially if you're a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan.  Casting buzz for season four puts none other than Brandi Glanville's Twitter nemesis in the running for the show.  That's right, y'all!  Some folks are claiming that LeAnn Rimes will be singing her way onto the scene.  

Even more unbelievable?  The same folks who want LeAnn on the show are claiming that Brandi is her biggest advocate!  I don't know about you, but I just don't see this coming to fruition.  However, because it's Friday and it's funny (and it's also National Margarita Day, go figure!), give us your best opening tag line for LeAnn in the comments!


Radar Online is reporting that Brandi is trying her darndest to get LeAnn a place on next season.  An insider tells the site, “Brandi is a very smart cookie and recognizes that if LeAnn were to join the cast, the audience would hate her even more. Brandi loves playing the victim and having LeAnn on the show would allow her to continue in that role as the long-suffering, spurned ex-wife."

Citing Brandi's desire to be Bravo's next big break-out star, the source explains, “Brandi wants to become Bravo’s next Lisa Vanderpump or Bethenny Frankel and have her own spin-off show; having LeAnn join the cast will almost cement that desire. Viewers love Brandi and her book has seen a very strong debut."

Of course, according to another source, LeAnn is going to require more convincing.  This mystery person reveals, “Executives at Bravo have told LeAnn that appearing on the show would be a great opportunity for her to get her side of the story out and no longer be seen in a negative light. However, she has continued to shut the offers down, claiming she doesn’t want the added drama in her life, that she has a flourishing music career, and that she just doesn’t need to do a reality television show."  I'm sorry.  I have to take a break to stop laughing.  LeAnn doesn't want drama?  Flourishing movie career?  Did I just land in Oz?

With rumors swirling that Brandi and Lisa are the only women definitely returning for season four of RHOBH, Bravo needs to amp up the craziness.  The insider adds, “Brandi isn’t surprised that LeAnn has turned down the offer to be on the show, but she feels that the country singer owes it to her to sign on after breaking up her marriage. Brandi has been adamant that her sons with Eddie Cibrian absolutely wouldn’t be a part of any filming with LeAnn. She would shield them from all of the drama, as she has always done."

However, another source states to Rumor Fix, “It’s not going to happen. It was never discussed. [LeAnn] was never contacted.”  If she hasn't been yet, Bravo needs to set up a meeting with this girl, stat.  LeAnn loves to copy everything Brandi does, why should her reality career be any different?

Truthfully, I call B.S. on this gossip for two reasons.  First, there is no way on the planet that Brandi would risk even the slightest chance that LeAnn could steal her RHOBH thunder after already stealing her husband; and second, y'all know if Bravo approached LeAnn, she'd jump at the chance to be on the show…and likely for free!  😉


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