Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Still Not Finalized; Bravo Wants Major Changes But A-List Women Don’t Want To Get Involved! Plus, Will Kyle Richards Be Fired?


Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls is slated to begin filming as early as April, but the cast is still completely up in the air with contracts not extended. Brandi Glanville co-signed no one has been officially confirmed (I think it's safe to say Brandi is a shoe-in). 

Adrienne Maloof is reportedly quitting (aka getting fired) and Taylor Armstrong is also expected to leave. RadarOnline reveals that Bravo is frankly just tired of the same old ladies and they want an overhaul! 

“The only cast members guaranteed to come back for the fourth season of the smash hit reality franchise are Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump," their source reveals. "The other ladies, including, Kim and Kyle Richards, and Yolanda Foster are also on the chopping block." 

I think Yolanda, who has been a success with fans and is definitely representative of the lifestyle, will return. And although she annoys the living daylights out of me, I cannot imagine Kyle leaving the show! 


Apparently Bravo wants women who bring more to the show than just drama and bickering. "Kim’s addiction storyline has been exhausted and she doesn’t bring anything to the show anymore," the source explains. "Yolanda was brought in as a super-rich trophy wife, but she’s just been so boring to watch and doesn’t add anything to the dynamic of the group." 

"As for Kyle, she is easily replaceable. Producers are looking for over-the-top cast members and would love to have Lionel Richie‘s wife, Brenda and Sylvester Stallone‘s wife, Jennifer on the show.”

“The show has actually had record ratings during the third season, but producers feel that the fighting has just become too personal and viewers have voiced their displeasure at the ugliness of it,” the source explains.

“Viewers want to see the ladies fighting about showing up to a party wearing the same designer, or not being invited to a swanky party. What viewers don’t like is the constant threat of lawsuits between the ladies, how can they want to sue one another when they are on a reality show for heavens sake? The show needs star power, glamor, excitement, not bickering and constant fighting — and that is what they want for the fourth season.”

Unfortunately with all the negativity of the show the last two seasons, E! reports that Bravo is having trouble attracting that so-called star power! 

"They are having problems finding new members for the cast as barely any of the women they have approached want to do the show," E!'s source reveals. "It's not fun anymore. It seems dirty and nasty. And not something real Beverly Hills women want to get involved in. The cat fights are too nasty; it's not classy and not something they think will be good for them."

"There was a time when women around town were clamoring to do the show, now people are running scared from it; they have seen what it can do for people."

Apparently a big reason people want to distance themselves from the show is Taylor's storyline and Adrienne's lawsuit threat against producers and the network. For that reason it is apparently a definite that Taylor is leaving the show. 

"The producers are being nice to her as they want her to leave the show gracefully and not turn on them and run to the press," a source spills. "But they definitely do not want her back."

Regarding Adrienne, a source says producers want her to return so they can show off her relationship with Sean Stewart which they feel will be "ratings gold," but Adrienne wants to leave. Something tells me Adrienne's people put out that story as a desperate grab! 

As for Dayna Devon's prospective joining, the insider confirms: "There have been talks."

And in another twist, producers are reportedly "upset" that Brandi leaked her salary to the media! "None of the Housewives are allowed to discuss the money that they make from the show."