Tierra LiCausi Shows Up At Women Tell All Taping For The Bachelor; Blames The Other Women For Her Behavior On The Show!


As always with attention-desperate reality stars, it was much ado about nothing!

After Tierra LiCrazyCausi was threatening to make our day by NOT showing up at the The Bachelor's Women Tell All taping, sources say that not only did Tierra appear, but of course she fought with all the other girls! 

While the rest of Sean Lowe's ladies held court on the stage ragging on how annoying she was, Tierra remained sequestered backstage until she was dragged into the hot seat by Chris Harrison.

“Everyone else was getting along great with each other,” a source shares with WetPaint. “But they were ALL sh*t-talking Tierra.”


Apparently when Tierra took the stage she reiterated that she has sparkle (said with imaginary jazz hands), and refused to accept any responsibility for her problems in the house! 

“She kept saying how when she walks into a room, the whole place lights up and how truly sweet and fun she is,” a source reveals. “Everyone else was looking at her like, ‘Huh?’ It was very bizarre.” So Tierra is delusional? Y'a don't say!

“She blamed everyone else, saying all the girls had been against her from the beginning because she got that first rose outside of the house. She said everyone turned on her.”

Robyn [Howard] and [Tierra] went at it the hardest. Robyn straight-up told her she was crazy. Tierra finally offered an apology, but it seemed really phony. She said, ‘If I offended anyone, I’m sorry.’ The other girls didn’t seem like they were buying it for a minute." 

Despite rumors that Tierra's fiance would be making an appearance with her, he did not show up. Tierra's brother is claiming she's keeping her fiance under wraps because she doesn't want to affect his reputation due to his family's business. Or he could just, you know, be imaginary. 

Regardless, he wasn't there but Tierra was wearing the ring. Chris asked her about the engagement. Chris “was cute about it,” the source dishes. “He goes, ‘Speaking of sparkle…’ and looked at her ring finger.”

Tierra confirmed she was dating him before she went on the show and they rekindled things after she was released from the mental institution for hypothermia. 

After leaving the stage Tierra fled leaving a trail of sparkle in her wake and did not stick around to face Sean. “As soon as she was done, she was out of there. She left the building. Before she left, she told everyone she doesn’t even watch the show anymore. No one believed her.”

I just have one question: does Princess Sparkle Crazies and her eyebrow of terror still have the big dent on her forehead? Yikes! 

The Women Tell All airs March 4th at 8/7c. And tonight Sean's final two are revealed! 

[Photo Credit: ABC]