Bachelor Star Selma Alameri Is Dating Arie Luyendyk! Plus, Tierra LiCausi Really Is Engaged!


Well these girls certainly don't pine for Sean Lowe for long do they! Imagine The Bachelor not being real love… 

Shortly after being denied a rose and the chance for more and more elaborate vacations and publicity, errrr… I mean more time with Sean, the ladies are moving on! 

And Selma Alameri knows how to pick'em! The super hot Selma is apparently now dating former Bachelorette runner-up Arie Luyendyk. Swoon! 

“They’re officially dating,” an insider dishes to In Touch. “She went to Arizona and visited him already.” However, a source Emily Maynard claims Arie's motives are suspect! “He’s hanging onto fame. Of course, he’s dating someone from the show!”


Whatever – if there's ever a Bachelor Nation wedding I want to see it's Arie and Selma. Or, I guess I could settle for seeing them on Bachelor Pad

Speaking of Bachelor Pad, resident crazy Tierra LiCausi is ruining her chances to win $250,000 and further torture America. Last week Tierra announced on instagram that she was engaged and several sources believed her to be lying or looking for more attention.

Well Tierra's brother is speaking to the media (15 minutes by association, y'all!) and insisting that not only is the engagement like for-real, real – not Bachelor real – but he's dishing on Tierra's appearance on the show!

Tierra's brother, Tyler, tells WetPaint: “Yes, she’s really engaged!" Tierra is in fact planning her wedding while wearing a 4 karat diamond ring! 

Tierra doesn't want the name of her soon-to-be-betrothed revealed (probably because everyone would bombard him with warnings!) because of his family's business, but he's apparently a really nice guy! 

“It’s someone she had been seeing before the show. They’ve known each other three or four years and have been dating most of that time,” Tyler reveals. “They were even living together in Vegas and Tierra was, at one point, working for his family’s business.”

But then Tierra got a hankering for fame and pretended to be single so she could vye for camera time Sean's heart  on The Bachelor! 

“Unfortunately, they had a bad breakup,” Tyler reveals. “When that happened, she moved back here to Denver and signed up to go on The Bachelor."

"Right after she left to film, though, he had a huge change of heart and wanted to get her back," Tyler insists. "The only problem was he couldn’t reach her. Her phone was turned off. He kept trying and trying, but he couldn’t get ahold of her. That’s when he called my parents, who told him what she was doing.”

“When he found out she was filming The Bachelor, he did everything he could to try to get to her. He even called ABC to find out where she was filming so he could fly there."

The producers hoping for a really, really crazy moment where he barges in and confronts Sean, so they told him all the details! "He was literally on his way to St. Croix the day he finally reached her. It turns out, that was the exact same day Sean let her go."

Once Tierra was unceremoniously escorted from The Bachelor set in a straightjacket, he was waiting! 

"When Tierra got to the St. Croix airport, she was given her phone back. She turned it on and the first call she got was him — telling Tierra he was on his way. She told him not to come, that she was on her way home to Denver. So instead of flying to St. Croix from Las Vegas, he flew to Colorado.”

That was in November,” Tyler explains. “They’ve been together ever since. He proposed in January. He picked up his whole life to move here for her. He has an apartment in Denver and they’re doing great.”

Well, errrr… that's romantic! 

Tyler also spoke to Us Weekly about Tierra's engagement – and how she is doing after being crucified on the show! 

"She's pretty upset about how ABC edited her but she stays off the Internet," Tyler shares. "They just showed the girls talking about her and none of their conversations prior to that."

"Tierra says she kept to herself most of the time and was just there to see what was up with her and Sean, not to make friends."

Tyler reveals that Tierra is so disappointed by how she's been portrayed she may skip the infamous Women Tell All… but if she decides to attend her fiance may make an appearance. That oughtta really make the girls of The Bachelor reel with fury! Eeks. 

"She's not sure yet if she's going to go on Women Tell All and if she does, ABC wants him to appear with her. They'll reveal his identity there. … she's still deciding."

This entire thing, the reported showing up in St. Croix to woo her back, the immediate engagement, and now the posturing about the WTA reeks of one, big, giant publicity stunt! 




Tierra wearing her ring! [Credit: Instagram]

Tierra-engagement-ringThe close-up! [Credit: Instagram]

tierra-brother-tylerTierra with her brother Tyler! It would appear he has normal eyebrows… [Credit: Instagram]