Love & Hip Hop Recap: Making Up Is Hard To Do


Is it just me or has Love & Hip Hop over extended itself on cast members and bad story lines?  Some nights we see everyone, some nights we don't see some of the more "popular" characters.  Heck, there are some women in the opening credits who have had maybe five minutes of screen time all season.  It's nothing short of terribly confusing, but I guess it's one of the reasons I watch!  You never know what–or who–you're going to get! 

Last night commenced with Yandy Smith fighting mad after learning that her boyfriend Mendeecees jumped her personal trainer/cousin.  He is all in her face about not caring that her cousin is in the NFL, and she's upset that he doesn't respect her family members.  After lots of cussing, Yandy storms off into the night.  Props to Mendeecees for being super mature about the situation.  Oh wait…

Lore'l and Winter Amos are having drinks and discussing Lore'l's new record and their dating lives.  Lore'l thinks they have different priorities in relationships…she is looking for love while her friend Winter is looking for cash.  Classy.  Winter is thrilled to hear that Lore'l has let her manager-friend go, and she's even more excited about her upcoming tell-all.  She plans on exposing lots of past relationships, and Lore'l is a bit concerned to find out she's mentioned in the book. 


In the studio, Rich Dollaz is meeting with his mentor and business partner Pete Gunz.  Pete is concerned that Rich working with Erica Mena is going to make him not look as credible in the industry.  Rich understands where he's coming from, but he thinks the high risk will bring high rewards.  However, Rich's inability to get Erica Mena to sign a contract has Pete questioning his friend mixing business with pleasure.  He thinks his friend is acting crazy.  Pete doesn't want to be associated with Erica's music career…he doesn't see it making them any money.


Mendeecees is going shopping with Vado, one of the rappers he manages.  He is also the guy who was flirting with Raqi Thunda during her radio show interview which caused fallout with Jen Bayer.  It's funny to watch these guys shop together and dish on relationships.  It's very Sex and the City of Mendeecees.

Speaking of Jen, Consequence comes home after an all-nighter at the studio.  He fills her in on DJ Perjury aka Raqi's craziness and racist rants.  Cons can't believe how Raqi is trying to spin her fight with Jen.  Jen is curious as to how people think she's racist when she's in love with Cons and has a child with him.  She is starting to question her judge of character, but Cons assures her she couldn't have known that Raqi would be so off her rocker.  To appease Jen, Cons agrees to help her interview baby-sitters for baby Caden.

Because he hasn't taken the advice of the first twenty people he's asked about Erica, Rich goes to ask his manager mom for her opinion.  He can barely start his conversation before his mother tells him that Erica doesn't need a manager, she needs a shrink.  Rich is floored at how direct his mom is being.  She tells it like it is…he needs to move on, call it a day, and focus on the artists he's already signed.  I love that she keeps calling him "Richard."  We need more Mama Jewel please, VH1.


Cons and Jens are having a difficult time finding the perfect sitter.  The first girl has her boobs on major display and openly tries to flirt with Cons.  Prospect number two doesn't want to talk about why she got fired from her last job, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that she was diddling a co-worker.  Interviewee three has no child care background, per se, but he loves playing with his nephews.  He then asks Cons if the rapper would have a problem with having an openly gay baby-sitter.  Next, next, and next!  Finally, a girl who was suggested by Jen's sister-in-law arrives, and Jen is smitten with her.  Cons is concerned that Jen is rushing the process, and he's going to end up having to play bad cop.


Yandy takes Mendeecees to see her cousin in an attempt to make amends.  Instead of burying the hatchet, cousin and Mendeecees are in a pissing match over Yandy.  When she intervenes, the guys shake on a very fake truce.  At least they were able to read through their scene without giggling because it's all kinds of ridiculous. 

Joe Budden's girlfriend Kaylin feels badly for mouthing off to Tahiry Jose.  While Tahiry is the one who got physical, Kaylin wants to apologize for her actions, so she's asked Tahiry to meet her for a drink.  Tahiry believes she deserves an apology, and Tahiry reminds Kaylin that to this day, Joe still writes raps about her.  Kaylin tries to maintain her cool and recognizes that Tahiry was a big part of Joe's life.  It's sad that a twenty-one-year-old is coming off with worlds more maturity than her older counterpart.


Winter is dishing on her book to Yandy, and Yandy is shocked to hear that Winter plans to name names.  That totally breaks industry code!  Not worried about the implications of her book, Winter wants Yandy to meet Lore'l.  She believes Lore'l has potential, and Yandy would be a great connection.  Winter invites Yandy to a book promo party, and she hopes that Lore'l and Yandy will hit it off at the event. 

Erica finally makes an appearance, and she and Rich are rehashing their most recent argument where she called him cheap.  She tries to explain that she wasn't implying he wasn't willing to keep bankrolling her fumbling career, but rather he was "cheaping" her out of viable business options.  Rich once again tries to explain that he needs a contract because that's how business works.  She promises she doesn't need a contract to be loyal to him, and he questions her five-year plan.  Erica jokes about not having a ring on her finger to require her to make a five year commitment, which makes it all the more obvious that she can't separate their romantic relationship and their business relationship.  Rich is clearly talking business.  He decides to let her off the hook relationship-wise so he can better manage her career.  Not shockingly, Erica pops off at him, but she refuses isn't going to give up on their romance without a fight…I think.  She storms off yet again, so I can't be so sure.

At her book-cover unveiling, Winter introduces Lore'l to Yandy while professing her love for her long-time friend.  Foreshadowing?  Within seconds, Winter shares with the crowd that she'd like to read a portion of her book that involves a story about Lore'l.  The chapter bashes Lore'l and her sexcapades with guys in the industry.  Lore'l is furious, but she doesn't want to ruin Winter's event.  You know it's an awkward party when even Tahiry looks uncomfortable with what is being read!  Not wanting to jump the gun, Lore'l decides she wants to finish the chapter on her own before confronting Winter.  She pulls Winter aside and says that she couldn't imagine even her worst enemy writing those things about her.  Winter reveals that it is what it is, and that is how she felt about Lore'l at the time.  Winter is extremely indignant, and she drunkenly falls to the ground.  Yandy tries to play peacemaker, and Lore'l leaves before she can stoop to her "friend's" level.

Next week, Raqi spills the details on Rashidah Ali's violent past, and it's Rich versus Erica round eighty-two.  Lore'l and Winter get into it, as do Joe and Tahiry.  Good times!


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