Former Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Sheree Whitfield Denied Protective Order Against Blogger!


Oh Sheree Whitfield... When is She by SheShady going to realize that she and the court of law are never going to be friends? Dang girl, just save your money and pay. your. bills

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star took Atlanta blogger Tamara Tattles to court this week seeking a protective order because she claimed Tamara stalked her and caused her to fear for her life by reporting on Chateau Sheree. Tamara scoped out the property – as have numerous local bloggers – and was allowed into the still unfinished home by a builder. Tamara snapped a few pictures, wrote a blog, and then was on her merry way. 

Until Sheree got wind of it and took her to court! Unfortunately for Miss She by SheBroke, not only did the judge essentially throw her pleas out of court deciding she was NOT being stalked, but we learned it was confirmed that she is not even the owner of Chateau Sheetrock and Sticks. 


According to Tamara's account of the court proceedings: "I explained that I went to Chateau Sheree and took some pictures on one occasion. I testified that I had never seen Sheree anywhere ever; nor had I ever attempted to contact her in any way." 

"Sheree testified that she was afraid for her life. She stated that I was parked outside her property at all hours of the day and night. Under questioning, she was unable to state any time that I had threatened her or harassed her. She admitted that she was not the property owner." Sheree also admitted to letting the blueprints, location, and home be shown on RHOA. 

Sheree also called a witness who claimed to be both her web designer and real estate developer. He insisted Sheree was afraid of Tamara and was calling him all hours of the night in fear for her life. Is that because her creditors are banging on her door?


This 'friend' also admitted to staking out Tamara's house to determine where she lived in order to have papers served and to basically watching her. It was decided that both Sheree and Tamara would mutually agree to stay away from each other. 

Per Tamara's attorney Ashleigh Merchant

"Ms. Whitfield's stalking protective order against Ms. Brawner was denied and the judge did not find that Ms. Whitfield had proven her case of stalking and the temporary order that was in place was dismissed." 

"At this point the attorneys are working on drafting a CONSENT stay away where all consent to stay away from each other.  This has not been agreed to or entered yet." 

Good lord Sheree. Seriously? Frankly, I'm surprised with all the attorneys she owes serious dough to, Sheree can even convince an attorney in Atlanta to represent her! It must be one of those ones with the television commercials…

Rumor has it Sheree is also seeking protective orders against other Atlanta bloggers. 

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