LuAnn de Lesseps Confirms Filming On Real Housewives of New York Is Delayed; Releasing A New SONG!


We really don't care about anything else happening in LuAnn de Lesseps' life but the news that she is releasing another SONG!!!! As if the last two were such huge successes! 

LuAnn recently chatted with The Examiner to discuss what's been happening since Real Housewives of New York ended and oh yes… she revealed that she is working on new music. YES!!!! I mean No… I mean, this is horrible. Oh, but think of the snark. Oh the snark!

LuAnn's 2013 goals definitely include more "singing" she says. "I’m actually looking forward to singing again…I’ve put it on the back burner, but I really do miss it…but I want to do something else, maybe not dance."

And if you want to remember what LuAnn's last attempt at "singing" was, please take a scroll down below for LuAnn's C'est La Vie music video. Oh, the memories!


In other LuAnn goings on, she is still with Jacques despite a brief indiscretion with pirarcy and it seems she is definitely returning to RHONY for a sixth season – although Bravo still hasn't started filming yet!

"I think that they [Bravo] don’t want to see another winter in New York, but want to see spring and summer…taking it back to The Hamptons in our sun dresses…like we used to be," LuAnn reveals of Season 6's status. "We’ve taken a little break until they’ve decided to start filming, which I think is in the spring. I think that they want to bring a new woman on or two, and getting that together.”

As for what viewers can expect this season, LuAnn hopes to showcase her new tablewear line which she will be debuting on QVC. She also hopes to showcase less volatility with the other women. 

"I always try to keep peace…which never happens (laughs)," LuAnn shares. "My relationships with the women are the relationships with the women, kind of picking up where we left off last season. I don’t see too much of the other women when we’re not filming… I see Sonja [Morgan], Heather [Thomson], and I run into Ramona [Singer] and Aviva [Drescher] socially.”

LuAnn also dishes that she and Jacques had a lovely Valentine's Day and are still very happy together. "I hope that one day we will get married…I’m going to leave it up to him, I want it to be spontaneous and I don’t want him to feel pressured by Sonja (laughs). There’s no pressure and we love each other and that’s all that matters.”

And of course, ladies & gentlemen: the entertainment portion of this article: 

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