LuAnn de Lesseps Admits There Was “Drama” With Jacques Because Of St. Barths; Refers To Jill Zarin As “Intense!”

LuAnn de Lesseps has been in the spotlight a lot recently – for all the wrong reasons! The Real Housewives of New York star has been accused of cheating on camera with a very dashing young pirate. LuAnn emphatically denies that any sort of misdeeds took place, but sometimes the lady doth protests too much!

In a new interview with the Miami New Times, LuAnn discusses the alleged cheating and how this season has been different with Jill Zarin and Alex McCord out of the picture! 

"I was really, really sad about that," LuAnn says of learning Jill was fired. "Jill is the one that got me on the show. I met Jill and she said, 'I think you would be perfect!' I really miss Jill and Kelly [Bensimon]. Alex and Simon [van Kempen] I could live without." The feelings must be mutual as Simon recently did an interview in which he openly wondered if LuAnn was a "liar" or a "slut!


Although LuAnn admits to missing Jill, she describes her as "intense." Adding, "She's a number. She is pretty intense. During an interview, it's like she is the interviewer." Oh – we hadn't noticed! 

Speaking of intense, LuAnn discusses the constant scrutiny over her behavior with Tomas in St. Barths – and why she lied. Apparently all the fault lies with Pinot's constant questioning! "If Ramona [Singer] had asked you how you got home, and you had gotten a ride home with a Johnny Depp lookalike, what would you have said? For some reason, immediately I just said, 'Oh, I got a ride home with my Italian friends!'"

"Little did I know that they had set me up to have dinner with him that night. So when I realized that he was coming, I panicked, and then I made the call to him that everyone saw. It was a comedy of errors, basically," LuAnn adds. 

"The cover up was worse than the crime. I was having fun, got a ride home, the guy was nice, but I am in love with my boyfriend. The funny thing is that I think he was coming over to see where Sonja [Morgan] was staying."

LuAnn also admits that reports of trouble in paradise have some validity and Jacques Azoulay was pretty upset by what seemed to be unfolding! "Well, there was a little drama. He is a man. The way it played out, it was a little shocking for both of us." 

As for what seemed like a burgeoning friendship between Ramona and LuAnn this season, LuAnn reveals that the two are no longer on speaking terms! That was brief! 

"I don't really talk to Ramona. We have never been bosom buddies. Then there was the wine party incident. We were having a good time. We featured her wine. We were all having fun! It was a little naughty, but not malicious," LuAnn explains of how things started to go awry.

"If you notice, she had fun at that party. Mario [Singer] is the one that came back and stirred things up," LuAnn insists. "He is the new Simon. He wants that camera time." I couldn't agree more!

Well, tonight is the final episode in St. Barths and the drama continues at a fever pitch when Aviva Drescher's feud with Ramonja deepens. Apparently some people don't like being referred to as "white trash!" In retaliation Tweedle Drunk and Tweedled Cum ditch Russ' concert as protest against Reid's presence. Uh oh. Something tells me Carole Radziwill isn't going to like that!

Real Housewives of New York airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c.

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