Big Rich Atlanta Stars Harvin Eadon, Meyer Eadon, and Virginia Kolb Dish Fashion And Beauty Secrets



Big hair, big style, big fun! Oh my, it must be Harvin Eadon, Virginia Kolb, and Meyer Eadon
In my opinion, the sisters and  their mom are the breakout stars of Big Rich Atlanta, and I think most will agree that they have their own distinct and unique style. Now, whether you love or hate that style is another story, but my gut tells me that Harvin, Meyer, and Virginia aren't easily swayed by the opinions of others. And that's part of the reason I adore them so much. 
Harvin, Meyer, and Virginia are dishing all about their beauty secrets and fashion favorites for their fans.

My Best Beauty Secrets:
"Honey, if you can't hide it, decorate it!" Harvin says. "When you look and feel like all shades of hell, slap on some self-decor like hats, scarves, earrings, sunglasses, self-tanner, Boho head band, and so forth to feel you best." 
Harvin loves RCMA cosmetics and uses Beauty Blender for applying foundation, saying, "It's the best little gadget around!" Meyer likes Obagi skin care, and Virginia's go-to skin product is Dermablend.
"All three of us learned everything we need to know about hair from SAMJAM [Samantha Gunn]. She puts Hairdreams extensions in our hair every few months. She also styles our hair a few days out of the week. She has crazy bobby pin game. Those things are like her little ninjas. She can tease our hair to the Heavens too! Bleach is also our fave color and we love teasing with a comb."
I Feel Pretty, Oh So, Pretty: 
"Confidence is what makes us feel beautiful," the Eadon sisters agree. "You can wipe 90 percent of our outer beauty off with a wet paper towel, but you can't touch our state of mind." That, and a good spray tan, of course. 😉
Virginia loves to wear bright clothes that show off her best assets, which she believes are her legs and collar bone/shoulders.
Spring Fashion? Yes, Please! 
"I love airy, bohemian, Grecian looks in the spring," Harvin says. "I love all things fringe and would tape it to my forehead if I could. I would buy almost any purse that is decked out in fringe. I gravitate towards bright colors, like hot pink, yellow, bright blue, too." 
Harvin Lists: Collections by Alexis and Spell & the Gypsy, shorts by One Teaspoon, and a purse by JJ Winters.
"I love all things neon! Give me hot pants, maxi dresses, jumpers, the highest of heels (timeless Louis Vuitton, can never go wrong with LV as your wingman), and bright short dresses," Harvin shares. "I love dresses by NAVEN, because they are all bright and super short, spring booties with fringe, anything with fringe, actually, and matching ensembles." 
"Give me a bright colored clutch, white jeans, vintage bracelets, and mini dresses," Virginia says. "I can't get enough flowy high low tops." 
Virginia Lists: Brian Atwood heels and prints by Mara Hoffman. 
He Looks Pretty, Oh So, Pretty: 
When it comes to people of the male variety, Meyer is most attracted to men who are funny, confident, stylish, and willing to put up with her. 
"He must be ambitious and have a certain swag that's easy and sexy," Harvin says. "I'd also like him to be tall, secure, not needy, loving strong, and loves dogs and children." 
Virginia prefers Southern gentlemen who can appreciate a good cocktail hour. They don't call her Mama Goose for nothing! Bonus if he's also ambitious, funny, and a good listener. 
Best Thing In My Closet: 
Harvin, SHOES. DUH. More specifically, Harvin is proud of her collection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, adding, "I never get tired of that man's shoes!" While Virginia loves her vintage mink coat, Meyer is all about anything that's brand new. 
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U can wipe 90% of our outer beauty off with a wet Kleenex, but u cant touch our state of mind.
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