Big Rich Atlanta Recap: Lake House Of Horrors


Two words: Poof. Power. Harvin Eadon sometimes wishes that she could poof people away, adding, "If I had poof power, my whole world would change." Totally. Poof power is exactly what is missing from my life.
Big Rich Atlanta stars Harvin and Meyer Eadon discuss last week's art show and fret over whether or not Daryll Manning, who is Team Sharlinda Parker, will be open to carrying their jewelry line, She Blame Me, in his boutique. The sisters are on their way to a business meeting with Daryll (hopefully on time!) so I guess they'll find out soon enough.
Meanwhile, Meagan McBrayer bounces (pun intended) her way into the gym to workout with Kahdijiha Rowe. Understandably, Kahdijiha is a upset about how the art show went down, and she vents her frustrations to her friend. When Meagan invites Kahdijiha to join her, Harvin, and Meyer for a weekend at a lake house, Kahdijiha quips, "The last time I bonded with girls, I pulled somebody's weave out." 

Daryll asks Harvin and Meyer about the art show, as expected, but he seems chill about it. Moving on to business, Harvin and Meyer explain their jewelry. Harvin says, "Our She Blames Me line is inspired by girls from our past that have challenged us in some way." Meyer counters, "Bud, you are being way to nice, it’s actually inspired by bitches that hate us." Daryll digs the jewelry line. Daryll is a smart man. Daryll wishes for a cleaned up presentation and a physical piece of jewelry. Daryll is a buzz kill very smart man.
Moving on, Katie Davidson solicits free design advice for her master bedroom from new friend Marcia Marchman. Katie is like, I'd never hire her, but I'm looking forward to getting a woman's opinion. And, it just so happens that this woman is a hot designer in Atlanta, so yay me! Checking out the room, Marcia says that the room feels cold and it's obvious nothing kinky is happening in the monstrosity that is Katie's bed. Katie giggles. Sabrina pops out from behind the head board to preach about the evil male species.
Next, it appears as if Meyer is attempting to nap on the floor of her closet while Harvin is packing for the lake, and Virginia Kolb interrupts to suggest they get some work done over the weekend. Meyer whines… but also spontaneously comes up with an idea for a new piece of jewelry… called The Sharlinda. Meyer suggests an open mouth engraved with the words "shut it" but Harvin thinks up the idea of a zipper instead. Their impromptu design session is actually quite impressive. 
First, the lake house is TO DIE FOR, and I'm totally jealous. Second, Harvin and Meyer arrive with at least two rolling suitcases and a plethora of loose hangers carrying more clothes. How long is a weekend in the South? When Harvin asks Meyer for help getting her suitcase over the hump at the curb, Meyer cries that she's out of breath and unable to help. Meyer is dragging her own suitcase a mere five steps ahead of Harvin. I seriously need a 24-hour live feed (a la Big Brother) of these two. 
Harvin and Kahdijiha immediately begin to hash out their differences. Kahdijiha refuses to apologize to Harvin for her mother's part in the art show fiasco. I agree with Kahdijiha's stance. Harvin puts it all out there, saying, "I felt bullied and steam rolled and f-ed up in every sense of the word. What I'm saying, as a friend to you, I was upset and my feelings were hurt." Kahdijiha listens, respects her friend's feelings, and tells her talk to Sharlinda directly. 
Meanwhile, Marcia catches Katie off guard when she shows up at her house with fabric and carpet samples. On her couch, Katie says, "I only wanted a second opinion." Marcia goes off about Katie's horrid bedroom, adding, "Usually I do hourly. It’s cost plus 30 and then, like, $150 an hour when I’m here. You better be ready to step up to the budget." Marcia leaves her samples with Katie. Katie looks horrified.
Sharlinda visits Daryll's boutique and finds out that Harvin and Meyer asked him to carry their jewelry. Sharlinda says, "I don't think you should. They would not represent this place well. Don't waste your time." 
The elevator plays a dirty trick on Harvin and Meyer at the lake house. M: I can hear you, but I cannot see you. H: Meyer, I swear to God, I can't get out. M: Where are you?!? H: Am I in the garage? M: Push what floor you want to go to! H: I have shoe boxes bigger than this! Get me out of this elevator NOW! M: Where is she coming from?! Meagan appears on the scene and pushes a single button to free Harvin. While Harvin and Meyer bicker at each other, Meagan says, "Elevators can be fun." These women are killing me; I cannot stop laughing.
Drunken absurdity ensues. When Meagan brings up drugs, Harvin says, "I would bet every bit of money that I have, my mom has, and everyone I know has, that you have done drugs. You do drugs." Meagan squints at Harvin, slurring, "Where did you come up with the fact that I do drugs." Meyer chimes in with "your behavior," seemingly forgetting that she just lost her sister in an elevator. Has anyone ever died from laughter? I might be the first person to ever die from laughter. 
On a more serious note, Meagan doesn't appreciate the insinuation and runs away with Kahdijiha. Holed up in the bathroom, Megan is like, I've been through six divorces through my parents, and Kahdijiha is like, my father died when I was 14. Kahdijiha clearly takes round one, adding, "The things that we go through make us better, so never apologize for the things that you've been through. Those experiences is what shapes who we are." I couldn't agree more. The friends hug it out.
The next morning, Meyer and Harvin climb into bed with Meagan, to apologize for their loosey goosey drunken tongues. Meagan immediately tells the sisters about Kahdijiha's father. "That's super sad," says Meyer, and they all sit in a state of wonderment over the fact that Kahdijiha cried real tears.
Our introduction to Katie's real designer, Donald, goes like this: D: I bought a Halloween costume for my little Pussy. K: For Pussy Galore? Thankfully, Katie adds, "Who gets a custom made Halloween outfit for their cat?" Katie tells Donald about Marcia. "She brought samples?" Donald asks. "I'll kill the bitch." Donald comes to the conclusion that Marcia's work is below Katie, adding, "You should never expect more on a first date. She brought all that expecting a lot more than you were willing to give up." 
Meagan, Harvin, Meyer, and three unknown guys get crazy in lake. Like, so crazy, and Harvin and Meyer couldn't care less that their extensions and spray tans are getting wet. The mood changes at dinner, however, after Kahdijiha and Meyer talk about the art gallery fiasco. Meyer says, "I feel like Harvin was being called a coward for something that really wasn’t her fault … something that was really deeply rooted within  her … it would be like someone saying something about your whole dad situation." 
All eyes are on Meagan. Kahdijiha cannot believe that Meyer is comparing her father's death to Harvin being called a coward. On her couch, Harvin explains, "It's no more or less cowardly for me to hide behind my art than for her to hide behind her hard exterior." Agreed. Things get tense, and Kahdijiha walks away. When Meagan later asks her if she has feelings, Kahdijiha warns her not to try to "fix" her. 
Harvin and Meyer revisit Daryll's boutique with… nothing… Harvin explains, "He wants to see one of our She Blames Me pieces; however, we don’t have any pieces. So, we’re going to show him how we’re inspired to make our pieces." Daryll isn't impressed by The Sharlinda (go figure) and tells the sisters that they should work their problems out with the person instead of creating jewelry in their name. Daryll makes himself very clear: Apologize to Sharlinda or there's no She Blames Me in my place of business. 
Meanwhile, Katie attempts to sets Marcia straight. Katie is like, You know that I've worked with Donald for twenty plus years, and Marcia is like, Exactly. It's time for a change. Katie… this isn't working… she instead makes Donald out to be more of a nut job than he clearly already is. "He would absolutely go ballistic," Katie says with BIG eyes. "Mad would be an understatement." Marcia feels offended. Katie agonizes over firing someone that she hasn't even hired. When Marcia tells Katie to get out of her house, Katie calls her a psycho.
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