Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss Discusses Kim Zolciak Stealing The Name “Kash!”


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What is it with Real Housewives of Atlanta and baby issues? Two seasons ago it was the controversy over Phaedra Parks' very suspect due date. Last season it was black baby gate and this season it is apparently baby NAME gate and the surrounding controversy over who has claim to the name Kash

Kandi Burruss shared on last week's episode that she always dreamed of a son named Kash, so imagine her surprise when former friend Kim Zolciak announced that her youngest son was named Kash Kade (aka dishsoap) Biermann. 

In her Bravo blog, Kandi gives her perspective on the name that apparently everyone wants! Except me. Just for the record, I do not want the name Kash. 


"For many years I used to always keep a list of names for if I had any future kids. Kash was one of the names. When Todd and I started dating, just like many people do, we talked about if we ever had kids what we would name them, and Kash is the one name we agreed on," Kandi begins.  

"After moving into the new house we would tell everyone that came to visit when I would give them the tour of the house that 'This is going to be Kash’s room' when I would take them to this one particular bedroom upstairs.  I would say it EVERY TIME… People would make jokes about it."

"Kim came over to my house and I could’ve sworn that just like with everyone else I told her about Kash’s room. So when I had heard she had the baby and that she named him Kash, I felt like that was not cool for her to use the same name I had been going on and on about, and I wondered why would she take my idea. I was not the only one who felt that way."

"I got so many calls and texts from other people who know us both on the day she announced her child’s name. They also thought she took it from me and that it was not cool. It’s not that people can’t use the same names, I think it was more the principle of the whole thing that bothered me."

"Well, since then a mutual friend Derek J said that Kim had mentioned the name to her before, and that she really believes Kim didn’t get it from me. So I have to ask myself, did I not mention to Kim the whole 'Kash’s room' idea when I gave her the tour of my house? Had I not told her about my list of names as I have told so many other friends?"

"It doesn’t even matter anymore. It’s her child’s name and that’s fine. I know people think it’s silly to come up with names for kids you don’t have yet, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who plans for the future with someone they love."

What Kandi is NOT over is Kim talking a whole bunch of ish about her on twitter over the incident and insisting Kandi is lying! Kandi points out that it's a bit rich – considering the source!

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"Kim tweeted that she wants Andy to bring a lie detector test to the reunion so that we can see who is lying about Kash’s name. I don’t get the part about seeing who’s lying about the name, because clearly I didn’t get the name from Kim," Kandi wonders. 

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"I think Kim has a great idea with this whole bringing a lie detector to the reunion! I would love to add more questions to the list for Kim to see if she would pass…," Kandi adds, speaking for all of us! "I find it strange that someone who’s always been described as a big liar, even by her own parents, would suggest bringing a lie detector test to the reunion. Girl, you are setting yourself up for failure!" A-MEN!

"Even though Kim and I are not on the best of terms, I wouldn’t even wish that on her. Can you imagine the can of worms that would open up if they bring a lie detector to the reunion? If all the alleged lies from Season 1 until now were able to be confirmed or disputed? Hmm… I bet she would lie her way out of taking the test if that happened! LOL!"

Kim also claims she has proof she got the name first since she set up an LLC in Kash's name. "Goes to show you I even created a LLC 323 days ago in Kash's name."  Not sure what exactly that proves. Her kid is like nine months old anyway! 

And hey – at least this settles whether or not Kim will be appearing at the reunion. I guess she is – lucky us! 

Well with all of that being intricately dissected, tonight is an all-new episode of RHOA. The girls leave LA and head to Vegas where apparently the bikini waxing situations of strippers in their natural habitats is observed and documented. Thank goodness for classy television.

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the entire mess, so please join us!

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs tonight at 8/9c on Bravo. 

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