Casting Rumors For Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!

love and hip hop atl

Let's take a quick poll, shall we?  What would you rather watch–the original Love & Hip Hop or the astonishingly crazy, can't look away train wreck that is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?  I don't even need to tally the votes.  VH1 needs to learn that if it's going to air a scripted, polished soap opera while calling it a reality show, we need to see more craziness a la Joseline.  Am I right?

While most viewers are politely watching this season, I can't help but think that they are doing so out of respect for the new member of the L&HH franchise.  If we're going to watch fake reality television, the network should be decent enough to give us more ridiculous drama.  Is that asking too much?  Apparently not…read on!


Vibe Vixen is reporting that VH1 is already revamping its Atlanta addition…even as the original show continues to air.  At least they are thinking of us…

The show is reportedly courting Chavante Che Mack, who is touted as a Stevie protege, and DJ Traci Steele from Atalnta radio station Hot 107.9.  This wouldn't be nearly as newsworthy if the two women weren't connected to the man everyone loves to hate–Stevie J.  He knows how to rile up those around him, that's for sure!

Insiders are claiming that after Stevie stole the show on the franchise's first season with a pregnancy scare with Joseline and love hectagon including longtime love Mimi Faust, Mona Scott Young wants to cash in on more of Stevie's music scene.  Up until typing that I'd forgotten that Stevie has an actual music career. 

It's no secret (at least among RT readers) that Atlanta has far surpassed New York in terms of the franchise's popularity.  It will be very interesting to see what the new casting situation brings to the table.  More drama will be at the forefront, of that I have no doubt!


[Photo Credit: VH1]