Love & Hip Hop Recap: It’s All Relative (No Seriously, Last Night Was All About Family)


How quickly all good things come to an end!  I had no clue that we are just one episode away from the season finale of Love & Hip Hop. Thank goodness.  Basically, at this point, the show is only focusing on two tumultuous relationships and a potential prison term.  Everyone else is just along for their five minutes of screen time every other week.  You all know who I mena mean! 

The episode begins with Raqi Thunda heading to Olivia Longott's performance in hopes of finding Tahiry Jose to apologize.  She explains that Joe Budden wants her to mend fences, but after a half-baked apology, they are yelling at each other.  Ahhh, maturity. 

At home, Yandy Smith is snuggling with little Mendeecees and baby Amir while Mendeecees, Senior looks on happily.  They share their engagement news with the little guy, and he's excited about having Yandy in the family.  Sure, he's only seven, but VH1 made sure he was over the moon upon hearing the news.  There is no doubt about it–Mendeecees produces some precious children.



Rich Dollaz is meeting up with ex Tiffany, and we're learning more about his espionage love triangle.  Apparently he used to hook up with Tiffany, but now they are just friends…although they were intimate a few times when he first started seeing Erica Mena.  Tiffany admitted to Rich that Erica was hitting on her, and he prompted her to see what would happen between the two.  She reveals that she had to tell Olivia about their little spy situation, and she can't continue being the go-between.  A teary Tiffany implores Rich to break it off with the two-timing Erica.  He agrees, and the two inhale the other's faces.  How romantic.

Jen Bayer is meeting Consequence to discuss the tension in their relationship.  She hopes they can learn to communicate better.  She feels like she's constantly on pins and needles with him, and he's always short with her.  Cons explains that it's not that he's upset with her, he's just not in the mood to engage and doesn't want to hear her nagging.  Okay, so he didn't use those words, but that's what he's trying to say.  Jen asks that he make a conscious effort to treat her better.  Good luck.


Kaylin is cleaning Joe's house, and he's nervous as to how his girlfriend will react to the news that he's accompanying Tahiry to the Dominican Republic.  She wonders how long he's been considering this trip, and Joe makes it clear that he's going with or without her consent.  As far as Joe is concerned, he's being fair by being honest with Kaylin.  After some tears, Kaylin promises to be supportive regardless of what happens between Joe and Tahiry.  Does he drug these women?  Pay them?  I am baffled.

Yandy is meeting with Kimbella because she is devastated by the news that federal agents came to her home to question Mendeecees.  She has no idea wht they could want from him.  Kimbella tries to comfort her friend and offers her total support. 

Tahiry arrives in the DR, and she's happy to back home for the first time in a couple years.  She is excited to see firsthand the charity she's been working with back in the States.  She advises the children on the importance of staying in school and not dating douches.  Speaking of, she's meeting Professor Budden for a candlelit dinner on the beach.  Tahiry knows his game.  He can't woo her when he has a serious girlfriend back home.  He blames the issues in their relationship on her problems with her father.  Tahiry wonders if Joe can take responsibility for any fault.  Nope.  When she tries to explain why his actions are so frustrating, Joe accuses her of being too volatile.  Gracious, he is good at the double talk!  She tells him to catch the next flight out of the DR.  I'd say dinner's over before it even started!


Olivia wants to have a conversation with Rich, and she brings Mama Jewel to play mediator.  He thinks the women in his life are blowing his issues way out of proportion.  Both Olivia and Jewel want to stage an Erica intervention.  Rick is hemming and hawing about about how all exes fall back into each other's beds without technically getting back together.   Jewel thinks that her son's morals are out of whack given Tiffany's spying and Erica getting busy with both Tiffany and Rich.  Rich admits that he's using Erica like she's using him.  Olivia threatens to walk away from Rich as her manager if he can't keep it in his pant as far as Erica is concerned.  Rich concedes and promises he's done with Erica for good.  Cough, cough, yeah, right!

After not speaking to her dad for two years, Tahiry decides to meet with him while she's in the Dominican Republic.  She no longer wants to hold a grudge against her father, but she's angry with him for his multiple affairs and children with other women.  Tahiry believes that her past with her dad has caused her to be involved in unhealthy relationships.  Her dad advises to let go of Joe for good and stop trying to fix him.  However, Joe knows that Tahiry's tough exterior is just an act.  She doesn't really want him to leave the DR.  He arrives at her bungalow, while waxing poetic about the difference between loving and being in love.  Joe admits that he told Kaylin he may still be in love with Tahiry.  Tahiry doesn't think that coming to the DR and leaving his girlfriend at home is what she deserves.  He disappointed her constantly in her their relationship, but Joe is all about trying to garner sympathy and manipulate.  Look at his teary eyes.  Feel sorry for me, they implore!  Here's a confession:  I used to date Joe Budden.  Seriously.  Okay, so it wasn't technically Joe, but it was someone who acts exactly like Joe (and even kind of resembles him…).  Four years after the fact, I still hear from my Joe.  If Tahiry is smart, she'll pocket her VH1 paycheck and change her phone number, because all Joe Buddens are bad news!


A sad Mendeecees is snuggling with baby Amir and dressing like little Mendeecees.  It feels like doomsday for Yandy as Mendeecees has to go in for questioning.  He tells his mini-me how much he loves him, and I am truly sad for the guy.  Of course, I can say that much easier knowing that he's cleared of the child sex charges.  Mendeecees is trying not to cry in front of his son, and he gets teary with Yandy when talking about the bond with his son.  Darn you, L&HH!  I never thought I'd get teary watching you.  I am so embarrassed.  On the way to the courthouse to surrender himself, Yandy wants to know what is the worst case scenario for Mendeecees.  He's tried to turn his life around, and he doesn't want to go to jail and have Yandy wait for him.  He wants her to be happy, even if it means she finds someone else.  Mendeecees feels like he's failed his boys. 

On next week's season finale, Tahiry reveals to Rashidah Ali that she may not be done with Joe (biggest mistake ever!), and Joe shares his deep conversations from the DR with his not-so-happy girlfriend.  Joe and Tahiry hook up…what, is the this Tahiry and Joe Show?  Mendeecees calls from prison, and Rich goes off on Erica for her web of lies. 


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