Love & Hip Hop Finale Recap: A Budden Romance; Or Why Love Mena(s) Always Having To Say You’re Sorry…


I wish I could reach through your computer screen and pass you a tissue, because I know y'all are super upset that this season of Love & Hip Hop has drawn to a close.  Not surprisingly, the finale was all about two couples, with everyone else just showing up for a few quick minutes.  Perhaps VH1 should remember that less is more when it comes to casting…we can't get involved with eighteen different story lines!

Of course, last night starts off with everyone's favorite (hahaha!) plot.  Joe Budden has returned to New York, and he feels that his relationship with Tahiry Jose is unresolved.  Once home, Kaylin reveals that she's been nervous to hear about her boyfriend's vacay with his ex.  Joe shares that his feelings for Tahiry are beyond his control, and Kaylin wants to call it quits on her relationship with Joe…except that she doesn't have anywhere else to go.  When she asks their status as a couple, I think (I had to rewind three times) Joe said "Let us pray," but I can't be sure.

Also back in NYC is Tahiry, and she's meeting up with Rashidah Ali to rehash her stories from the Dominican Republic.  Forget about Tahiry's charity work or reconciliation with her father, Tahiry only wants to chat about Joe.  Rashidah is floored to learn that her friend may still be in love with Joe, and she's concerned that the two are moving in the wrong direction.  During the next commercial break Subway treats us to Tahiry waxing poetic about her charity work in the DR.  So, her conversation didn't make the actual show, but I guess this is better than nothing!


Erica Mena has partnered with a cosmetics line, and Rich Dollaz arrives at the launch party upset about Erica's sexy girl time with his ex-girlfriend Tiffany.  He asks Erica if there is anything she needs to tell him, and she says that Rich can assume whatever he wants although she is confident with the truth.  Let's cue Tiffany to see if Erica changes her story…Erica thinks it's crazy that a woman would befriend another woman for the sole purpose of calling her out for cheating.  Erica then gets feisty, telling both Rich and Tiffany that they should compare notes on her lady parts.  Then, Erica strikes, trying to rip out Tiffany's hair.  A brawl ensues, and a poor camera guy feels the brunt of Erica's wrath.  I bet that the make-up company is thrilled with this stellar partnership.

Yandy Smith is playing the waiting game while Mendeecees Harris is in federal custody.  He calls her from a penitentiary in Ohio, and he's very sad to have to go so long between hearing his boys' voices.  Mendeecees urges Yandy to be strong and not let his sons see her cry.  She tries to balance the conversation by not allowing Mendeecees to know how upset she is while, in turn, not upsetting him with all of the things he's missing out on while in jail. 2lahh

Joe and Raqi Thunda are meeting for lunch where she admits that she tried to apologize to Tahiry to no avail.  She doesn't sugar coat the fact that her effort wasn't all that heartfelt.  Joe wants to send Raqi on a soul searching mission to see how she is her own worst enemy.  He wants her to stop blaming Tahiry, Jen Bayer, and Consequence for her anger issues, and she gets teary.  The former friends are able to hug it out after Raqi comes to the realization that her friendship with Joe is more important than industry connections. 

Olivia Longott and Rich are heading to dinner with his friends and Mama Jewel, and he wants to thank everyone for their loyalty during his indiscretions.  They tease him unmercifully, but his crew is excited to have him move forward without Erica.  He believes his time with Erica was a giant learning experience, and the friends toast to having their old Rich back.

Because Mona Scott Young likes to come out from behind the cameras every once in a while, she's meeting with Yandy about Mendeecees' situation.  The show's producer shares her concern for the couple, but she asks the hard questions that Yandy isn't quite prepared to answer…like how long she's willing to wait for Mendeecees.  Mona begs her mentee to be selfish when it comes to taking care of herself first so she can have the boys' priorities front and center.


After breaking up with Kaylin, Joe invites Tahiry to come have a cup of coffee…at a hotel way out in the boondocks.  She admits that her guard is down, and Joe feels that the pair will be having sex soon.  Tahiry reminds him that he has to earn it, but she still allows him to lay his head in her lap.  Joe feels like it's just like old times, but he's saying all the the right things to make Tahiry think that things have changed.  Does she not realize that he is a master at playing with her mind?

Cons and Jen are having a date night, and he's trying to prove to her that he can focus on their relationship.  He admits that he'll always bring some stress home, but he'll make an effort to be less frantic at home.  Jen appreciates Cons positive steps, and the couple chats about how they plan to move forward.  Cons promises to be more supportive as Jen steps back into the working world.  I'm sure they are thrilled they signed up for this show only to get a few minutes of air time each week. 


Rich is shocked to get a phone call from Erica, and the two meet to discuss the craziness surrounding them.  Erica can't believe that Rich would have his ex infiltrate and cause problems.  Both of them are truly screwed up in trying to justify both of them sleeping with the same girl at the same time.  She blames him for framing her, and she refuses to take any responsibility.  Erica justifies her behavior by reminding Rich that she only hooked up with Tiffany when he wouldn't step up to the plate with her professionally.  Rich yells that he jeopardized so many personal and professional relationships for Erica, and she can't admit to any wrongdoing.  In her interview, a teary Erica tries to justify her lies.  I can't really even keep up anymore!  After Erica storms out of the car, he follows her into her vehicle where he hugs her while she cries.  Oh great.  Rich gives her a big pep talk about getting her life together before he heads back to her car.


In the mountains, Joe and Tahiry enter their hotel suite.  He's ready to establish a strong bond, and by that, I mean, he's ready to knock the boots.  She giggles while they exchange sarcastic flirtations, and once again, VH1 thinks the viewers want to be in the bedroom with these folks.  Newsflash, we don't!

As the finale draws to a close, we're treated to all of the storylines being tied up with a neat little bow.  Yandy has no plans to stop building her empire, regardless of how long she has to wait for MendeeceesCons is focused on becoming a man who always puts his family first, and Jen has regained confidence in being a career woman.  Raqi is ready to become more centered and not be so reactionary when it comes to work or relationships.  She's primed to do some soul searching, y'all!   Rich has no regrets about working with Erica, but he's ready to get back on track with his career.  Erica wants to grow up and be a better role model for her son.  Joe and Tahiry continue to work on their hamster wheel of a relationship.  Thanks so much for the life lessons, VH1!


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