I'm thinking about using my legal and blogging backgrounds to start a special kind of celebrity-inspired law school.  Contracts, torts, even civil procedure could be worlds more exciting if you're studying cases based in tabloid craziness…and goodness knows there are enough celebrity legal spats to provide copious amounts of study materials.  I specifically remember studying a case in my wills and trusts class which involved a troubled stripper turned Guess model as she vied for her much older husband's estate after his passing.  Ring any bells?  I'd even invite Harvey Weinstein to be a guest lecturer. 

Of course, all 1Ls would have to take Kardashian Law.  Think about it…the class could cover everything from employment to divorce to defamation.  Kris Humphries could teach part of the course in his off-season!  Speaking of Kris, we've got some news on his divorce proceedings from Kim.  Also, if you recall, Kris Jenner recently filed a lawsuit against her ex husband's widow Ellen Kardashian for copyright infringement, claiming that Ellen sold portions of Robert Kardashian, Sr.'s private journals which were willed exclusively to his children.  This family is a plethora of legal insanity, and I have more to share with you after the jump!


In light of Kris' new filing, Radar Online has unearthed a lost interview with Ellen in which Rob Sr.'s widow discussed spending close to half a million dollars of her own money to make sure that Rob, Jr. followed in his father's collegiate footsteps. 

The interview took place in January 2012, and in it, Ellen recalls, “When there was no allocation for Robert’s college [in Robert, Sr.'s will], I freely contributed the money for him to go to USC.  I know Robert Sr. really wanted him to attend that school. That was one of his wishes.”


In 2009, when Rob graduated from the USC’s Marshall School of Business, sister Khloe blogged, “It was a day that made my family very proud.  Now my baby brother is SC alumni… I’m so proud that he went to USC and finished in four years. He has honestly grown up so much and learned a lot along this journey of his and our family is so proud of him.”


Ellen shares that she once had a "great relationship" with Rob, although she is unsure if he knows she footed the bill for his college education.  She remembers, “He lived with us. I participated in his school activities. We were very close. I would take him to school in the morning, make his lunch. We always had dinner together at night when my husband traveled. It was just the two of us, so we enjoyed it."


Rob's former step-mother continues, “I felt like a mom to him and I felt very special to him.  I would go to school when he had teacher conference and he treated me with respect and bought me beautiful cards and made me feel very special on our special days, like Mother’s Day and Christmas," adding, "I have no regrets at all.  Spending time helping my husband raise Rob. No regrets. You know, we had a terrific time.

Of Rob's sisters, Ellen admits, “I didn’t have a special relationship with Kim, Kourtney or Khloé outside the fact that we traveled together and went on trips and had a great time.”


I'm sure when Ellen paid for Rob's college or gave this interview she couldn't have imagined that Kris and Rob, Sr.'s children would be suing her, alleging a “despicable and unlawful scheme to hold in secret and convert, and now exploit … private personal and copyright protected” material.  That said, there is a lot about this story that makes me wary of Ellen, notwithstanding the fact that she was only married to Rob, Sr. for two months before his death.  However, next to some members of this family, I tend to sympathize with her!  Krazy, right?

Kris isn't just an active participant in this lawsuit, but she's also planning to testify on behalf of her daughter her divorce proceedings.  TMZ is reporting that Kim's legal team has comprised a witness list of several people–her mother included–that will attest to the fact that Kris was very aware of the "business side" of his marriage.  The site claims that at least six witnesses will be called to testify that Kris was extremely involved in every aspect of the prenup.  Besides Mrs. Jenner, two managers, an attorney, and a court reporter are set to share that Kris knew exactly what he was signing up for with the prenup.  Yikes, Kris! 


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