Taylor Halbur, Girlfriend Of Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind, Finally Confirms Pregnancy


After enduring weeks of unwanted attention, confrontations with know-it-all Twitter freaks fans, and tabloid speculation, Taylor Halbur has confirmed that she and Teen Mom 2 baby daddy Adam Lind are expecting a baby of their own this August. 
Why one would submit to sexy times with Adam is beyond my comprehension. I mean, he's no Ryan Edwards in the looks department, and he treats Chelsea Houska – and their three-year-old daughter Aubree – worse than yesterday's trash. Anyone else remember his "little bastard" comment? I rest my case. 
Anyway, in a recent interview, Taylor confirmed the pregnancy, addressed Adam's less than stellar reputation, and revealed their current relationship status. 
"I decided not to [previously] confirm the pregnancy for a few reasons," Taylor said. "First of all, I didn't want to put my family in the middle of all the chaos it would make. Also, Adam and I decided that we didn't want to make it public for the sake of our child. We knew there would be a lot of backlash from the viewers of the show."

Taylor chose to speak out, now, as a result of the negativity surrounding her relationship and assumed pregnancy with Adam. "Every child is a blessing no matter who it was conceived by," Taylor said. "People keep ranting on about how stupid I am or how they hope Adam treats me like dirt, even going as far to degrade me as a person based on my looks. It's really sad to me that people can be so cruel to someone they absolutely know nothing about."

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I agree that it's not fair for Teen Mom 2 fans to attack and ridicule Taylor based on solely on who she dates and how she looks. I personally think she's very pretty; however, once again, I cannot help but to gently question her sanity attraction to Adam based on the Teen Mom 2 footage. That said, Taylor added, "I understand why people feel the way they do about Adam because they only see one side of the story. Yes, he has his faults and has made mistakes, but so have everyone else in the world. No one is perfect."
When asked if she and Adam were on-again, Taylor said, "We are trying to better our relationship and work on our own faults within the relationship." Taylor also said that Adam wants to do things right this time, adding, "He is trying very hard to be the best he can be and is doing all he can to make sure we do not falter."
As far as Taylor and Chelsea are concerned, there is no longer any friendship / relationship to speak of. Even so, Taylor had nothing but nice things to say about Chelsea's parenting skills. "Chelsea does a very good job raising Aubree," Taylor admitted. "She's very bright and very smart; just all around an adorable little girl."
"I guess I wanted people to realize how much things can change and how people can change," Taylor concluded. "Whether people want to still ridicule myself, Adam, or the situation in general is completely up to them, but it's good to finally get my side out so maybe people can find it in their hearts to forgive and to not look so harshly and be so judgmental about it all. But everyone has their opinions and whether we agree or not we need to respect them."
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