Big Rich Atlanta Recap: Big Life Changes For Sabrina McKenzie And Virginia Kolb


This week's episode of Big Rich Atlanta begins with a replay of Sabrina McKenzie slapping Katie Davidson. Obviously, Style Network loves me, and you're welcome. So, Sabrina the Preacher lost control and roughed up Katie's jaw, and now she wants to quit the ministry. In other words, my prayers have been answered, as I hope to never have to witness one of her overly dramatic sermons again.
Meanwhile, Harvin Eadon and Meyer Eadon are anxious to get She Blames Me up and running now that Virginia Kolb blocked access to their used and abused emergency fund. Horrors! Their allowance of $1,000 a week isn't cutting it. Meyer simply cannot bear the thought of living in such horrid conditions, adding, "It's pure torture." 
Harvin and Meyer meet with Middleman to discuss the next step for She Blames Me. The sisters lose their minds a little when Middleman mentions a possible meeting with swimwear designer Ashley Paige. A swimsuit by Ashley costs roughly $1,000 a string, says Meyer, so after a year, Meyer and Harvin will each be able to afford a 52-string swim suit. 

Hold on, my friends, there's just one catch. Middleman implores Harvin and Meyer to take this meeting seriously. Like, for real, because they tend to not take things seriously. Harvin assures Middleman that she and Meyer can act professionally while staying true to themselves. It's a delicate balance, being on time and not throwing temper tantrums is important to Middleman and not compromising their character is important to them, but Harvin doesn't seem fazed by the challenge.
Next, Anandi McKenzie pays McClain a visit, and takes the opportunity to share her mostly naked She Blames Me photos. McClain drools. Marcia Marchman fears for Anandi's life, asking, "Have you showed these to your mother?" Anandi admits that she has not and thinks maybe she should even keep them from her. Marcia encourages Anandi to show Sabrina, before she sees them elsewhere, and Anandi reluctantly agrees. 
Harvin and Meyer whine while Virginia gets ready for a date with Mike. Harvin calls him a douche and a little boy toy. Meyer seems to be under the impression that he is responsible their newly blocked credit cards, complaining, "Thank to Mike we have to live off of only our allowance!" Huh? It was Mike who blew through $6,000 of the emergency fund in one month? I must have missed that episode. #denial
Virginia reminds her daughters, this "little boy" is mature, self-sufficient, and independent. Basically everything that they're currently not. Virginia adds, "He doesn't live with his mom," to which Meyer says, "I know! He wants to live with ours!" BWAHAHA, Meyer, good one! 
Virginia doesn't let up. She compares Harvin and Meyer to two little birds who refuse to leave their mama bird's nest. Virginia chants "fly away" while pretending to "stomp" them out of the nest. Harvin and Meyer look horrified. Virginia looks defeated, asking, "You're grown women – aren't you interested in living on your own?" That would be a BIG NO, as Meyer cries, "Who am I going to find cooler than you to live with?" When Virginia leaves for her date, Harvin and Meyer acknowledge that their constant Mike bashing upsets mom. Meyer feels anxious. What if Mama Goose is serious? 
From one anxious daughter to another… Anandi decides to show her photos to Sabrina. "Anandi!," Sabrina wails. "On so many levels, this is wrong. Why would you do this?" Anandi bravely tells her mom that she's proud of her work. "You belong to God," Sabrina remarks. "When you represent God you don't have to take your clothes off." Anandi points out that God made her body, and Sabrina agrees, but she adds that God doesn't want it to be on display. On her couch, nineteen-year-old Anandi says, "I'm tired of being treated like a child."
Harvin invites Mike out for drinks, asking if they can try to clear the air, and he accepts. Meyer starts things off on a positive note, joking, "We only invited you because we need someone to pay for our drinks because you got us cut off from my mom." Mike insists that he has good intentions where Virginia is concerned. Harvin still isn't convinced, saying, "If that boy is not trying to penetrate my mother, he's trying to penetrate her purse. Period." Meyer's mouth falls open. 
Sabrina reaches out to her prayer partner, Tapika, because she feels lost. "I slapped somebody," Sabrina confesses. "Don't know how I got to that place." Well, that's just our hoity toity Katie, bringing out the worst in people. Tapika tells Sabrina that she needs to forgive herself and then they pray. Meanwhile, Harvin and Meyer need prayers, because they stupidly decide to invite Half a Weave Ashlee to their super important meeting with (I can only afford) Half a Swimsuit Ashley. Enough said. #bigmistake
Later, Virginia is mortified to find out that Harvin and Meyer met with Mike behind her back. Begging for privacy, Virginia tells her daughter that they don't have any right to interfere with her dating life. When Meyer admits to tracking her whereabouts via an app, Virginia leaves the room, disgusted. On her couch, Virginia says, "If you ever wonder why I drink vodka, try living with Harvin and Meyer a while." 
In other Virginia news, Katie skirts the issue when Virginia asks her if she's going to press charges against Sabrina. And, worth noting, Katie has NO IDEA what could have possessed Sabrina to slap her across the face. What. A. Delusional. Bitch. Also, Virginia invites Marcia to look at houses with her, though she fails to hire Meagan McBrayer, Marcia's daughter, as her realtor. #awkward
Finally, Middleman, whose name should be Miracleman, gets Ashley to meet with Harvin and Meyer again. Ashley comes to appreciate She Blames Me's look and story and invites Harvin and Meyer to showcase the pieces at an upcoming fashion show. Ashley is like, great, I need 33 unique looks. Meyer panics. Harvin vows to get the work done. 
Photo credit: Style Network