Big Rich Atlanta Season Finale Recap: She Blames Me’s Big Debut


Well, this is the end of Big Rich Atlanta, though we don't yet know if it's forever or just for now. 

While I will continue to keep up my favorites, Meyer Eadon, Harvin Eadon, Meagan McBrayer, and Kahdijiha Rowe, on Twitter, I am not sad to see the show gone from my Sunday night calendar. You see, when Big Rich Texas ended for the season, I felt a void in my life. (Hush up! I'm well aware of how pathetic that sounds.) However, now that Big Rich Atlanta has come to an end, I'm just happy I no longer have to a-void you know who.

If the Style Network grants Big Rich Atlanta a second season, I can only hope that they tweak the cast a bit. 

Last week, Harvin and Meyer met fashion designer Ashley Paige, who invited the sisters to display their jewelry at her upcoming fashion show. That's the good news. The bad news: Ashley needs 33 different looks from She Blames Me, and that's way more than Harvin and Meyer currently have. Harvin takes the news in stride; Meyer panics. Can they pull it off? 


Designing pieces, naming pieces, writing bios! Oh my! Harvin is 100% in work mode. Meyer is, um, not. Meyer sits down to rub her aching feet after a hard day of looking fierce. When Harvin asks her to run upstairs for boxes, Meyer whines, "Why do you ask me to do such things? That's man labor." A dumbfounded Harvin promises to name her next piece of jewelry "The Meyer" with a bio that reads "A Lazy Whore." 

Meanwhile, Kahdijiha and Meagan meet to catch up. Meagan expresses an interest in interior designing with her mom, Marcia Marchman, full time. When Kahdijiha asks about Poppy Red, the fashion boutique on wheels, Meagan admits that the business is on hold. Meagan wants to build a big business with her mom, she explains, but she felt the need to re-evaluate her little girl aspirations and approach them with a big girl approach. Kahdijiha can see the end result turning out the same, however, as interior design experience will only help Meagan someday realize her fashion-based dream. Cheers to business!

There might be an issue with the jewelry for the fashion show. Uh oh. It was Meyer's responsibility to place the order. Harvin freaks out and Meyer yells, "You gave me so many tasks!" So, to review, Harvin goes down the line. Did you do this? No. Did you do that? No. Did you get Ashley's looks so we can match up the jewelry? No. Did you, did you, did you. No, no, no. 

Harvin admits that she feels abandoned, adding, "I need a partner. I need Meyer to be my partner." On her couch, Meyer shares, "Harvin hanging on my back doesn't make it easier. She distracts me and she should just trust me that I'm going to get it done." Harvin stresses to Meyer, She Blames Me will not work unless we learn to divide and conquer the tasks.

There isn't anything wrong with the order after all. Meyer points out that she must have made that call, then, and asks for an apology. Harvin breathes a sigh of relief, saying, "I was so scared." No apology. Meyer gives Harvin the side eye. Later, Harvin is hard at work, again, and Meyer is nowhere to be found. Harvin complains to her mom, Virginia Kolb, expecting her to handle Meyer for her. Virginia insists that Harvin handle it on her own.​  

Meanwhile, when Meagan proposes her idea to her mom, Marcia happily welcomes her into the business. Although, maybe not in the exact role that Meagan envisioned, as Marcia debunks her daughter's expectation to be partner. When Meagan reiterates that she wants to work as an equal team, Marcia informs her daughter that nobody walks into an established business as partner. Not even family. 

Harvin and Meyer finally face off. Harvin tells Meyer that she hasn't helped her at all, to which Meyer says, "Really? I haven't helped? Show me what you've done! What have you done?" Harvin rattles off a list and Meyer nitpicks every single task. Meyer tells Harvin that her attitude makes her not want to work at all. Harvin stresses, She Blames Me will crash and burn if she and Meyer don't work together and go at it 100%. 


Meyer tells Harvin that she doesn't know how to delegate and wastes too much time picking fights, adding, "You are an embarrassment to yourself." Harvin responds, "Own up to your sh-t and do you job!" Meyer keeps on, demanding extra pay for listening to Harvin complain constantly. Harvin then tells Meyer Vicky Victim to get off her thrown and assume some responsibility, to which Meyer says, "Shut up and I'll show up!" 

Shocker – Harvin and Meyer run late the day of the fashion show. While Harvin freaks out, Meyer brushes it off, saying they've simply missed the "sitting around" part. Harvin and Meyer check in with Ashley and ask for "the helpers" to fetch their stuff from the car. Ashley is like, go get it yourself, running a business isn't supposed to be easy. HAHA. Harvin and Meyer complain, huff, puff, and whine the entire time.

Harvin and Meyer have invited the entire Big Rich Atlanta cast to the fashion show. So, Katie Davidson and Sabrina McKenzie and Kahdijiha and Ashlee Hawn are all in the same room, yikes! 

Katie is SO! EXCITED! FAKE! and hopes Sabrina got help for her problems. (Pot, Kettle. Kettle, Pot.) The only problem Sabrina currently has is the dress she's wearing. What is that?!? When Kahdijiha stops to chat, Katie asks her if she plans to apologize to Ashlee. In turn, Kahdijiha asks Katie is she's going to apologize to Sabrina. Katie responds, "ME?! Oh honey, it wasn't me," to which Kahdijiha adds, "Then why would I apologize to Ashlee?" 

The fashion show goes really well. Anandi McKenzie rocks the runway. She Blames Me looks amazing. Virginia is proud of her daughters. Ashley loves She Blames Me and wants it in her Los Angeles store. Harvin and Meyer are beaming. 

At the after party, Meagan spies the lady who threw a cupcake at Kahdijiha's head at Ashlee's birthday party. "It's so obvious why she's here," Kahdijiha says, "Ashlee always has a trick up her sleeve because she doesn't want to do her own dirty work." When Cupcake Lady grabs a bottle of wine and marches towards Kahdijiha, Sharlinda steps in her way. Words (loud words) are exchanged but it doesn't go any further. Ashlee claims to have nothing to do with Cupcake Girl's appearance. 

After the party, Virginia tells Harvin and Meyer how proud she is, adding, "You don't need me." Harvin and Meyer look distraught when Virginia reveals she's moving back to South Carolina. Harvin mumbles "that's our reward for doing good?" and my heart breaks for them. Virginia reminds Harvin and Meyer that she never intended to live in Atlanta forever. With that said, Virginia walks away, leaving Harvin and Meyer sitting alone. The end. 


Photo credit: Style Network