Big Rich Atlanta Recap: Post Arrest Distress


Last week's episode of Big Rich Atlanta ended with Kahdijiha Rowe being arrested for her part in Cupcake Drama. Back at home, Kahdijiha discusses the experience with her mother, Sharlinda Parker.  
Sharlinda looks completely spent; however, Kahdijiha seems to be perfectly fine. Her emotions are 100% in check. Sharlinda begs for a reaction from Kahdijiha, saying, "Stop sitting there and being all hardcore!" Kahdijiha explains her state of mind. "Ashlee Wilson-Hawn is not one to fight fair," she says. "I will never let anything this girl can conjure up mess up what you and I have going on, and that's why I don't feel sad." Kahdijiha adds that she's only angry and focused on repairing her family's image.
Meanwhile, Virginia Kolb runs into Katie Davidson at the country club. Poor Virginia. Katie fake apologizes for Donald Mitchell's drunken antics at her Harvest Party. On her couch, Virginia admits that she actually likes Katie and hopes to clear the air. Harvin Eadon points out, "If Katie were a good friend, she'd keep her little pet Donald in check." Yes! Exactly! 

At the club, Katie reminds Virginia (and us) that she's a fourth generation native Atlantan. Apparently, fourth generation native Atlantans don't behave that way, and there ends the apology or explanation or whatever that was supposed to represent. Katie loves being a fourth generation native Atlantan – she obviously also loves to hear herself say it too – and she regularly attends a "celebrate my heritage" tea party. Of course she does. Katie invites Virginia to the next tea. Poor Virginia.
Meanwhile, Meyer Eadon and Harvin meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss the "sad state of affairs" on Meyer's chest. The surgeon shows Meyer 3D images of different size boobs on her frame. Meyer is torn. The only size she manages to rule out is "porn star" boobs. Later, after carrying around temporary boobs, Meyer decides to hold off on surgery for a while.
Kahdijiha visits Meagan McBrayer (Who says she never met a convict before. Oh Meagan. Never change.) following her arrest. To Meagan, Kahdijiha admits that she's exhausted, "Seeing my mom hurt … worrying about what people would say … I defended myself," she says. "I'm not a monster. I'm not a bad person." Meagan empathizes with Kahdijiha. 
Despite what she's been through, Kahdijiha follows through with her promise to throw a birthday party for her mom and aunt. Or, as Meyer calls it, Kahdijiha's fresh out of the slammer party. Oh Meyer. You never change either. At the party, she annoys both Meagan and Kahdijiha by wanting to constantly talk about the arrest. Meyer asks Kahdijiha endless questions despite her resistance to answer (at her lawyer's request). Hoping to put an end to it, Kahdijiha simply tells Meyer that she was "well taken care of," to which Meyer says, "So, you want to go back!?!" Oh Meyer. Keep drinking. 
Katie's little Southern Heritage tea party is underway at the country club. And, much to my surprise, it involves other living people. I totally had Katie pegged as certifiably insane and imagined her sitting around with teddy bears decked out in pearls and lace. Or, even better, the dead bodies, Psycho style, of her ancestors. That would have been epic – le sigh – she really is just dreadfully boring and snobbish. 
For me, the highlight of this tea is Katie's reaction to Vriginia's reveal of a familial tie to the Daughters of the American Revolution. To Virginia's face, Katie sweetly says, "Really? (big creepy smile) That's interesting." To the camera, Katie bitches, "I've been working for months, getting my paper work together to submit to the DAR. Isn't it just like Virginia to waltz in with a connection that would get her right in. And she doesn't even appreciate it." 
As it turns out, Virginia quickly realizes that Katie's beloved little old lady tea just isn't her, um, cup of tea. Thank goodness. Virginia is way too fabulous to be wasting her time on those stuck up bitties. On the other hand, Katie feels honored to spend the afternoon kissing the asses of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and she fits right in with the stuck up bitties.
Virginia tells Katie that she desires real and meaningful relationships with real and sincere people, adding, "Those women? They don't give a sh-t about me." Virginia goes on to suggest that Katie spend less time worrying about her dead relatives and more time striving to be a modern southern woman. Katie's all, Oh. My. Oh my goodness. You're drunk. "Not drunk," Virginia insists. "I'm just telling you the truth." Virginia tells Katie that she won't be applying for the DAR until she's laid up in a nursing home. Because, as of right now, she's got too much going for in the present to worry about the past. Virginia leaves the tea, saying, "Too-da-loo Southern belles!" Katie thinks Virginia is crazy.
Now that Sharlinda's emotions aren't as raw, she's able to praise her daughter for staying strong and sensible throughout this whole ordeal with Ashlee. "I'm not in a bad place," says Kahdijiha. "When you get tough things thrown at you in life, what don't kill you, makes you stronger." 
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