BREAKING: Jacqueline Laurita Speaks Out On Foreclosure & Tax Debt! Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Denies Both.


Jacqueline Laurita's financial situation has been everywhere in the news lately. Court documents are claiming she is being sued by her mortgage company and in danger of losing her home, in addition to owing over $300,000 in back taxes to the State of New Jersey. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star spoke to Tom Murro of FoxCT last night to deny and explain the charges. Tom reveals that Jacqueline was essentially cornered and forced to address the situation. Sounds RHONJ-ish. 

"Thank you for all who were concerned, but my house is NOT in foreclosure. There is no threat of losing it. We simply modified our mortgage which is a process," Jacqueline insisted. "Our mortgage modification has been approved and all is good." 


As for the tax allegations, Jacqueline denies this too. "My husband and I have ALWAYS filed and paid our taxes every year. We have NEVER evaded taxes."

"The $340k was from a tax audit in 2006 in which about 1/2 of that was added interest. We have been disputing this because we didn't think it was fair to pay so much interest on something that we didn't even know we owed until recently," Jacqueline maintains. "The IRS is currently working with us to lower the amount owed and once that new amount is decided we will, of course, pay the amount."

The Lauritas are currently also involved in a business bankruptcy trial. Their house is still listed as being in pre-foreclosure on Zillow, but hopefully all will work out for the family! 

Jacqueline added, "'We are good people doing the right thing." Jacqueline is also dealing with assault charges stemming from a RHONJ brawl. Let's hope 2013 is a little more positive going forward. 

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