Bachelorette Spoilers: Is Desiree Hartsock’s Front-runner Ready For Marriage?


Desiree Hartsock's season of the Bachelorette premieres in one month. In real time, Desiree has narrowed her pool of possible husbands down to three, though Reality Steve has already chosen the winner.

"From what I'm hearing, Desiree's choice in the end will not surprise anyone," Steve tweeted on April 17. "She's apparently known from early on who she liked the most." Steve went on to name the guy earlier this week; however, he also predicted a less than rosy future for Desiree. 

Reality Steve's expert opinion is – you might want to sit down for this! – the guy that Desiree most likely chooses doesn't seem to be ready for – are you sitting down? – marriage! GASP! NO! SAY IT ISN'T SO! 


According to Reality Steve, all signs point to Desiree offering her final rose to Brooks Forester, who also scored the first one-on-one date

"From everything I’ve been told, Desiree has been smitten by Brooks from the beginning and that’s the guy she’s gonna choose," Steve blogged. "We’re two weeks away from finding out if that happens. Could be true, could just be hearsay."

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Steve continued, "Last season towards the end, I was told AshLee was going to be Sean’s pick, so Brooks could end up being wrong. But I’m just telling you that’s what I’ve been told, which is why I tweeted that Desiree’s pick won’t be a surprise to anyone based on what I’m hearing. Apparently it’s been Brooks for a while now."

Then, Steve crushed the hearts of die-hard Bachelorette fans all over the nation by writing, “Now just because they might get engaged doesn’t necessarily mean these two are getting married. From everything I’m hearing, Brooks Forester is not ready to be married anytime soon. Just sayin’.”

When asked to elaborate, Steve tweeted, "Nothing major. Just no different than anyone else who signs up for this show." Obviously, Desiree's beau is going to ruin it for everyone fit right in, and the entire franchise is going to crumble carry on like normal. I can't wait to hear what her brother has to say about this! 

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On a more positive note, Executive Producer Mike Fleiss recently tweeted, "Took a poll of my producers today. It's unanimous .. Dez's season is truly the best we've ever had on the Bachelorette!" 

We'll be the judge of that, thankyouverymuch! Desiree's season premieres Monday, May 27. 


Photo credit: ABC