Oh Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you know how to make even a family meal a drama fueled brawl!  Last night was an endless hour of craziness and candle tossing.  Let's get to it, shall we?

Karlie Redd makes her first appearance of the season, and Rasheeda Frost and Tracey Steel come join her in the studio.  The three women are anti-K. Michelle for talking smack about them in songs and on social media.  Karlie hopes to enlist her friend to join her in a diss song, but Rasheeda doesn't to waste her voice on the rivalry.  She'll definitely think consider it though.

Erica Dixon is getting dinner ready for Lil' Scrappy, and he's telling her about Momma Dee's ambush with Shay.  Erica is not happy with this turn of events.  She thinks it's incredibly disrespectful for Shay to keep sharing her feelings for Scrappy knowing full well he's engaged.  Scrappy and Erica think that Momma Dee needs a sit down.  He seems to be a much more devoted partner to Erica this season, although VH1 really needs to consider bringing back his subtitles.


Mimi Faust is having a housewarming, and she's hoping that K. Michelle and Rasheeda can get along for the occasion.  Yeah, no…that's never going to happen.  K. Michelle is poppin' off on blogs, according to Rasheeda, and she decides to call it a day.  As she walking about wannabe Keisha Cole K. Michelle makes a comment about Kirk Frost's earrings which sends Rasheeda into a rage.  No one talks about her husband!  She approaches K. Michelle who promptly kicks her.  A fight ensues until Rasheeda has convinced the production assistants that she's calmed down.  Of course, as soon as they let her go, she's after K. Michelle again, and the two women are hurling R&B insults, candles, and champagne flutes left and right.  Mimi chases her friend to the roof, followed by Ariane.  Rasheeda feels like K. Michelle disrespected Mimi, but Mimi just laughs at the idea that she ever expected the two women to be civil.

Scrappy goes to chat with Momma Dee about the importance of supporting his relationship with Erica.  Erica is the mother of Dee's granddaughter, so she doesn't need to scheme with Shay behind his back.  When he questions how Dee and Shay got into cahoots, Dee claims they just ran into each other in the street.  When Scrappy doesn't believe his mother, she starts going on and on about watching the peasants from her castle.  Scrappy is impatient with her shenanigans, but he's able to convince her to come have a family dinner with Erica.


In the name of "co-parenting" (yeah, right), Mimi decides to meet with Stevie J.  He wants to know where his daughter lives, and he starts accusing Mimi of being with another guy.  Stevie does his best to manipulate his ex, but she seems to like to push his buttons.  He's extremely arrogant, creepy, and threatening.  I am not a fan.

Over dinner, Rasheeda is telling Kirk about her issue with K. Michelle at Mimi's housewarming.  I learn that K. Michelle's earring reference about Kirk was implying he was gay.  How did I miss that?  Kirk laughs…until he hears about the candle throwing.  It's one thing to talk smack about his wife in a silly blog, but it's quite another to get physical with the mother of his child.

Erica and Scrappy are at the grocery store when he drops the family dinner bomb on her.  Erica is worried about Dee's intentions, but Scrappy is determined that his daughter can have her mother and grandmother get along with with no drama.  While Erica is willing to be respectful towards Momma Dee, she is going to expect respect in return.  Good luck with that!


Joseline Hernandez is performing at a local gay club, and she gets paid by her booking agent.  Out of nowhere, Stevie J. appears to get his cut of her cash.  She sticks her finger in Stevie's face and reminds him that he won't be getting his thirty percent until he can unearth her contract.  Joseline is tired of his tiny turtle head always popping up in her business.  I love her one-liners!

After the housewarming debacle, K. Michelle invites Mimi out to lunch to apologize for her actions.  Mimi believes her friend is in a pattern of anger, and she hopes that K. Michelle will get to a point where she can be cordial with Rasheeda.  K. Michelle will do lunch with Rasheeda as soon as Mimi is willing to get her nails done with Joseline.  That puts things into perspective for Mimi!

Karlie and Joseline are getting together to gossip about Stevie.  Joseline's hair looks great in this shaggy bob.  Karlie tells Joseline that she's heard a rumor that Joseline's hooked up with Benzino.  Do what?  Oh hell no!  Joseline would never get with a neckless man…what would she lick?  The two women laugh at the bobblehead's bedroom delusions.


Erica and Scrappy's mothers join the couple for a family dinner.  Once he prays over the meal, Erica's mother starts to go off on Scrappy about his past.  Instead of jumping to Scrappy's defense with her mom, Erica starts going off about how Dee is worse for their relationship.  Scrappy has Erica's back, but it's not enough to keep Erica and Dee from screaming.  Erica then pushes Scrappy which causes Dee to go ballistic.  Scrappy holds back his mother and yells at Erica to take off the engagement ring.  I'm so glad their daughter wasn't at this lovely family dinner.  Everyone is screaming out of control, and I can't help but think that Erica could have avoided this entire situation by simply being the bigger person.  I guess that doesn't really make for good television though.  Scrappy is so sick of being put in the middle of the two women in his life, and he's livid when Erica drives off with his ring.

Next week, Erica and Scrappy try to talk through their differences.  Joseline reveals to Stevie that Benzino is claiming he bedded her, causing Stevie to confront his friend.  Mimi has a new man in her life, and Kirk defends his wife's honor to K. Michelle.


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