So this is getting even MORE interesting than I expected!

Yesterday it was reported that the cast members of Real Housewives of New York are at a salary standoff with Bravo and demanding massive raises. To prove how serious they were the ladies banded together and collectively refused to sign the contracts extended for season 6, which is supposed to begin filming on Monday!

Bravo retaliated by giving the women until TODAY to sign – or consider themselves canned! New details have emerged about the standoff, including The Hollywood Reporter confirming that it's very serious and very real! 


"What's currently on the table is unacceptable," a source close to the cast says. Negotiations began three weeks ago with each cast member being offered a different amount for the upcoming season based on how long they've appeared on the show, etc.

Of course it makes sense that veterans are paid more than newbies, but apparently no one was happy with what they were offered! And negotiations are at a standstill. "We're still pretty far apart," the source explains. 

Bravo is reportedly furious about the face-off, and although declined to comment, are threatening to cancel the franchise OR begin with a whole new cast. “It’s either a wrap, or it’s a tactic to get them to sign their contracts,” a source tells Page Six of the threat. 

Disputing claims that the women were looking to cash-in the source says the pay raises the women requested were "reasonable" to cover costs of filming; such as hair and makeup people which the women pay for themselves. Tax write-off?

“There’s a lot of expenses that go into being on the show,” the source explained. “And they’re not frivolous. The cast asked for a modest increase — enough so they can cover the costs and make a little money.” 

Apparently the new Housewives make very little money – an estimated $65,000 per season, while veterans Ramona Singer and LuAnn de Lesseps make $500,000, plus bonuses. Ramona was asking for $1 million this season, which would make her one of the highest paid Housewives of Bravo. The network declined and she backed off. 

I'm guessing Sonja Morgan was expressly displeased with her offer and this prompted the revolt. Sonja currently has her NYC  townhome on the market and just announced she is selling her Colo. ski home. Basically, girl is flat broke. 

Another thorn in the sides of the cast was job security. Bravo was hoping to add two more women to the show to “freshen up storylines” and “boost ratings.”

That didn't sit well with the cast. So after months of negotiating Shed Media informed several of the women that their time was up, so they could either sign today or face the show being canceled and losing their jobs! 

RHONY has been the subject of trouble for some time. Following a super negative S4 (and massive Zarin backlash), Bravo scrapped half the cast and hired three new Housewives in an effort to rebrand. Unfortunately ratings were down 20% and viewers weren't totally sold on the new women. One thing to point out, ratings increased with every episode of last season, but were down 20% from season 4. 

With Bravo scrambling to revamp the show once again, filming was pushed back several times while casting was deliberated. I personally do not in anyway see the network canceling this franchise. I do however see another massive cast revamp!

Ramona made an interesting tweet this morning: 

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