Newlyweds The First Year Recap: Nesting


Are you still watching Newlyweds: The First Year?  I am enthralled.  I can't wait to see what happens as Kathryn Bougadis becomes an unwilling housewife to John LagoudesBlair Late and Jeff Pedersen continue to plan their wedding, as Alaska and Kim Gedeon try to be flexible when it comes to living situations.  Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen forgo a traditional honeymoon for twelve months of pushing limits.  A good idea?  That's to be determined!

Kathryn and John are four days into their marriage and enjoying their honeymoon.  The pair is contemplating a honeymoon baby.  While John isn't feeling pressure to have a baby immediately, he's having fun practicing.

Blair and Jeff are a week+ into their domestic partnership, and they're heading to Atlanta Savannah to finish planning their big ceremony.  Jeff is stuck on the term "commitment ceremony" while Blair is deadset on calling it a marriage.  Blair is convinced that his past lives keep drawing him to the historic Georgia city.  Jeff is excited to be out of town because out-of-town trips always enhance their sex life.


Tina and Tarz are balancing three homes…an apartment in Manhattan, a home in California, and Tina's parents' home in Columbia, South Carolina.  Her father can no longer live there after watching her mother pass away in the house.  Already, Tarz's work is coming between the newlyweds.  He is putting work first and marriage second…and he's happy to admit that.  Tina has given up touring, so she's not thrilled with his priorities.  I can't say I blame her.

Kim and Alaska are happy to finally be living together and doing the dirty.  They saved themselves for marriage…to each other.  I'm not sure they were actually virgins when they wed.  I could be wrong, of course.  The couple is sharing an apartment with his sister and her son.  Kim isn't keen on Alaska spending so much time in L.A. while she's in New York.  He tries to make it sound chic by saying they're "bi-coastal."  That buzz word doesn't mean much to Kim.  Kim thought that a wedding would solve their spatial problems, but not so much.


After their giant Greek wedding, John and Kathryn are going through their cash gifts, although John is judging the guests who didn't contribute at least $300.  Kathryn reminds him that they should be thrilled that so many friends and family came to celebrate their special day, but John only sees dollar signs.  She's doing her best to be a domestic goddess in the pair's new home by being an omlette guru.  John wants a traditional bride to cook, clean, and take care of him.  He heads out to work, and Kathryn begins to clean the house from top to bottom.  I can feel her loneliness and resentment flooding through my television screen.

Also juggling household chores, Kim and Alaska head to the laundromat.  She is ready to find the perfect New York apartment for them, but he's not ready to put down roots now that he's working on both coasts.  Alaska is all about saving money…he just wants a cheap crash pad for when he's in New York because he's ulitmately love for them to be in Los Angeles.  Although Kim promised to be submissive in their marriage, she's having a hard time holding her tongue when it comes to their future.

Tina and Tarz have decided to do something different instead of going on a honeymoon.  They plan to do something out of their comfort zone once a month for a year.  First up?  Couples tattoos.  I think I'd prefer an all inclusive island getaway, but that's just me.  The duo heads to get inked, and the tattoo artist is a tad uncomfortable with all the baby talk that precedes his job.  Tina is hoping that her tat will bring on a baby girl ASAP.  She isn't thrilled with the permanent body art.

In Savannah, Jeff and Blair are enjoying their time at their bed and breakfast.  Blair forgot his toothbrush and toothpaste.  Who does that?  It's the first thing I pack!  The couple is excited about all of their tastings and planning and wedding fun.  The wedding theme is Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil meets The Great Gatsby.  Jeff is getting concerned about how enthralled Blair is with the wedding planning.  He's still dealing with the demons that came when his family refused to accept him as gay.


Kathryn is perfecting the art of dusting and laundry, and she's thrilled to have her friend come by to visit so she's not stuck at home alone.  Her friend isn't loving Kathryn's curtain choices, but they were cheap.  Kathryn's boredom is causing her to shop more than she should.  John is wishing he'd took Kathryn's father's advice to put a cap on her spending.  He's now put her on a cash budget, and Kathryn is feeling the pinch of the purse strings.  She's used to making her own money and not having to rely on someone else to foot the bill.

Kim is trying to sell Alaska on a great apartment in Harlem.  No matter how much she attempts to convince Alaska that it's the perfect space for them, Alaska is believes that Los Angeles needs to be their home base, while Harlem should be their crash pad.  As the apartment hunting continues, the duo still can't agree.  Kim is over the moon about every piece of property they visit, but he's still not feeling it.  While he's willing to compromise, he doesn't want to feel rushed with his decision.

Blair, Jeff, and Blair's family are doing a tasting for their reception.  It's Blair's favorite meal ever, until he's faced with duck on bread.  Oh the texture horror!  Jeff is mortified by his gagging partner.  Hilarious!

Tina is still trying to come to grips with her new tattoo, and she knows her father is going to have an even bigger issue with her ink.  Tina's father is coming over for dinner, and there is already a lot of stress in the situation since Tarz isn't a typical Indian son-in-law.  When the dinner gets super awkward, Tarz decides to show off the matching tattoos, much to Tina's father chagrin.  He hates ink, and he gets very upset by his daughter's new body art.

Taking a break from their hectic apartment hunt, Kim and Alaska opt for a spa day.  While Alaska loves that his new wife is very adventurous in the bedroom, he's getting tired of her desire to create public displays of affection while joking about having sex in semi-public places.  Unfortunately for Kim, she's just going to have to settle for a couple's pedicure.  Not shockingly, he refuses to hold her hand while someone tends to their toes.

Blair is over the moon with the wedding planning.  I want to be invited to Blair's next family holiday.  Jeff's parents have yet to RSVP to the pair's nuptials, and he's clearly disappointed.  He tries to play it off, but you can tell it bothers him.  Jeff gets weepy, but Blair's mom is holding out hope that no response is better than a negative response.


John is working out and chatting with his sister who thinks that her brother needs to stop talking about money with his new bride.  His sister is surprised to hear that they are considering children so quickly.  Meanwhile, Tina is taking a pregnancy test, as is Kathryn.  Seriously?  They have been married mere weeks.  I'm not knocking honeymoon babies, but I'm worried for these couples.

Next week, the drama ensues as Tina tries to get pregnant, and Kim and Alaska continue to argue about their home turf.


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