Newlyweds The First Year Recap: All’s Well That Ends With Sex Therapy, Dolphins, A Newborn, And A Meltdown


What a difference a year season makes!  After watching Kim and Alaska Gedeon, Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen, Blair Late and Jeff Pedersen, and Kathryn Bougadis and John Lagoudes navigate the first year of marriage, we were treated to the finale of Newlyweds: The First Year last night!

Kim and Alaska are finally taking their much needed honeymoon, and while they arrived from opposite coasts, Kim is hoping that the trip is just what the couple needs to fix their emotional distance.  While they take things into the bedroom, Blair and Jeff are taking it to the therapist's office…to talk about the bedroom.  Blair reveals that they had a passionate sex life in the beginning, but now Jeff is just having a relationship with Palm-ela and her five sisters.  Blair's feelings are hurt to hear that Jeff tries to hold off on masturbating for days at a time so he's up for sex.  Jeff is fine with sex once a week.  While he'd love extra affection, he doesn't like how Blair always manipulates those innocent moments into sex.

Kathryn has been in labor for thirteen hours, and her doctor decides she should have a C-section.  After grueling time at the hospital, John is ecstatic to meet his son.  Precious.


After their crazy double date, Tina's father has been avoiding her.  After some awkwardness, Tina agrees to meet her father at a hookah bar after some nips of whiskey.  It may or may not be the biggest meltdown ever in Bravo history.  I have to wonder how much they paid that poor couple to sit at the next table and watch this insanity.  It's very sad to watch Tina upset about her father's announcement that he's getting married (but not to the lady from last week…what?).  She yells at him about how selfish he is and how he doesn't realize that while he's lost his wife, she lost her mom.  Having been through this as an adult, it's hard to watch because Tina still wants her father to be her "dad" and not a peer or an adult.  If they would listen to one another, they'd both realize they feel the same way.  Tina's dad is just trying to find some smidge of happiness in his sad love story, and Tina should want him to have it.  Of course, Tina is throwing glasses, sobbing, and slurping down orange martinis.

John keeps telling Kathryn that she wasn't in a lot of pain during her labor.  If she wants to talk about having things hard, John wants to remind her that he watched their son being ripped from her guts.  Joking aside, Kathryn thinks that John was a great coach.

Tarz accompanies Tina to a vaginal ultrasound, and she feels unstable after her debacle with her father.  Tarz says she's been under so much stress, that it's only natural that Tina reacted the way she did.  The couple is meeting again with their very intense gynecologist.  I can't even look at this lady when she's on my screen.  She listens to the story of Tina's miscarriage and the cysts in her uterus.  The doctor gives them some uplifting news…the masses aren't cancerous, and there is no reason that Tina shouldn't be able to carry a healthy baby.  Tarz's face lights up when he hears that his wife is okay, and he vows to make good on his promise to be more available for couple time.

Alaska knows how much Kim likes adventure, so he's surprised his wife with an excursion where they can swim with the dolphins.  Are we sure Kim likes adventure?  She's panicking and crying and terrified.  It's Flipper!  It's not Jaws!  I find it as hilarious to watch as Alaska does.

The therapist takes Blake and Jeff into a make shift bedroom for some role playing.  They are pretending to be the other, while the therapist chomps on some popcorn.  Kidding, but I bet she wishes she had some.  The exercise makes them relate to the other…a little bit.  Blair is still pouting because he believes he's the one who is being asked to make all the changes.

Kim has always wanted to shower with Alaska, but he's shot her down at every turn.  Finally, he agrees to get frisky in an outdoor shower while they are wearing their bathing suits.  The fantasy isn't quite what Kim had hoped for given the fact that the water is super cold.

John doesn't like to be alone with the baby.  When Kathryn gets some time to herself, she's on a tight schedule.  John admits that he was initially jealous of the attention gave their son, although he quickly realized that it's better for her to give the baby that attention lest she expect him do it.  Can we clone, John?  I'm looking for a husband!

Still in paradise, Kim and Alaska get a couple's massage before Kim finally gets to shower with her husband.  Alaska wonders why he wasn't on board this train sooner!

The guys' next exercise is for Blair to act like the Jeff he wants to see.  Blair gets teary to see Jeff so happy with their progress.  All he wants is for Jeff to be happy, and Blair has been trying to make up for the hurt in Jeff's past.  They both believe that their therapy session was a success.

Kathryn and John have compromised on the pool table.  They are moving it to the basement.  John reveals that he'd be fine never changing a diaper, but thankfully Kathryn isn't putting up with that attitude.  They both admit that they never expected to be celebrating their one year anniversary with a new baby, but they wouldn't change a thing.

Kim and Alaska have totally reconnected in Mexico, but they are now facing the challenge of going back to separate coasts.  Alaska tells Kim that he thinks of her as a forever girlfriend, but she's not keen feeling like they are still dating due to their crazy schedules.

Tina is laughing and talking with her new step-mom, having just met her the day before.  They are primping for the wedding, and Tina is already in love with her new family members and how happy her father is.  She and Tarz share a tender moment, and it's obvious how much they love each other.  Two Indian weddings in one season, and Tina's dad refers to Tarz as his son.  A month into year two of marriage, they announce they are pregnant with a boy.  I'm teary.  WTH?