Newlyweds: The First Year’s Tina Sugandh Teases About Potential Tarzina Spin-Off!

Tarz Tina

Hey, remember a little Bravo experiment called Newlyweds: The First Year?  Yeah, I barely do either, but it's been renewed by the network. The show chronicled four couples as they traversed the ups and downs of their first year of marriage. Of course, it's hard to forget the extremely loud, extremely bossy, and extremely spoiled Tina Sugandh and her husband Tarz Ludwigsen.

The couple tackled intimacy issues, fertility struggles, and pounds and pounds of make-up, rhinestone encrusted iPhone covers, and peacock costumes. Now, like any good Bravolebrity, Tina is trying to extend her and Tarz's fifteen minutes by crossing her fingers for a spin-off show.


In a recent interview with Bravo, Tina dishes on the adorable baby Tarzie, thanks all the Tarzina fans out in the Twitterverse (I wish they would stop trying to make "Tarzina" happen, but that will totally be the name of their new show…should they get one), and dodges rumors of a possible spot on Real Housewives of Orange County. Say what? Enjoy an excerpt below!

On what they've been up to since the show wrapped:  "We’re working on a few new business and entertainment opportunities. But most importantly, I have a giant glitter project coming up! (What’s more important than glitter, right?! We just bought yet another house (lol) in California. Unfortunately, it’s big and the ceilings are really high, which means there are lots of very tall walls to glitter. I have my work cut out for me for sure…As for Tarz, his company is doing amazingly well! -> As for Baby-Tarz, he spends his days drooling all over everything, and shoving any and every object he sees directly into his mouth no matter how dirty the object it…he’s been very busy…"

Fans on Twitter are going nuts over the possibility of getting you guys back on Bravo in a spinoff or, did I even hear maybe RHOC? Can you give us any hints about whether you’ve been in talks with Bravo about any future appearances?

"OMG, I LOVE my Twitter friends and #Tarzina supporters, and I love them for starting petitions and tweeting constantly to get us back on TV! All I will tell you guys is that you haven’t seen the last of us yet! We’re out there in “TV land” taking meetings and starting up some shit, right alongside our Twitter friends! Thank you for sticking with us all you #Tarzina supporters!!! Stay tuned! (No pun intended)."

What advice would you give to the cast of Newlyweds, Season 2?

"Enjoy it! It’s a ride!!! Also, don’t be afraid to put it all out there. Even if you look like an ass, who really cares? Actually, you could be helping people by being a totally open book. For example, I was told that sharing my miscarriages (I actually had more than one but Bravo only had time to film one of them) actually ended up helping other women who had miscarriages to not feel so alone! *Also, this is for everyone, whether you’re staring in a reality show or now. It does NOT matter what others who do not know you actually think of you. Just live your life, and be the best version of “you” that you can be, and then don’t worry about haters! Haters are just people that are unhappy or insecure in their owns lives, so just feel sorry for them and move on!"


She lost me at her advice about avoiding the haters.  It's just too Miley Cyrus for me.  I may have to pass if this ever actually comes to fruition. Who am I kidding? We all know I'll be tuning in!  🙂


[Photo Credit: Twitter]