Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Return Of The Mac

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Sometimes when I watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, I find it to be more comedy than drama.  Last night was one of those times.  Between K. Michelle's sexual voodoo and Stevie J's facial expressions, I was thoroughly entertained.

Traci is going to meet with Drew to talk about their recent blow-up, and she calls them a "family."  She reveals that she was so in love with Drew, but I don't think she needs to be using the past tense.  Traci gives a little history on their past before dropping off Little Drew with the baby-sitter.  Over lunch, she tells Drew that she deserves better than seeing him with different girls and groupies every night.  He reminds her that they haven't been a couple in seven years, because she clearly thinks they are still together.  When Drew straight-up says he just wants to discuss her investing in his sneaker boutique, she storms out of the restaurant, promising to give him her money once she's calmed down.  Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!

Mimi Faust is on a date with her new boyfriend Nikko.  She reveals that he's a blast from the past, and she hopes that he will understand that she comes with baggage…in the form of Stevie J.  Nikko realizes that everyone has skeletons in their closet, but his aren't haunting him like Mimi's are.  Mimi admits that Stevie has given her some major trust issues, and she's worried that Nikko is a music producer like her ex.


After their recent struggles, Erica Dixon is starting to doubt Lil' Scrappy's fidelity.  Perhaps she shouldn't go through his cell phone.  Sure, he's been texting with random ladies, but she had concerns before she knew that.  Erica is trying to convince Scrappy that all of his outside dalliances are not okay, and he's waxing poetic about the meaning of love.  Scrappy notices that she isn't wearing her engagement ring, and she decides the pair needs a break.  Erica is rather proud of herself that finally she's getting to put on the breaks in their relationship instead of the other way around.

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It's girls' night for Mimi, K. Michelle, and Ariane.  Ariane is getting a manicure while K. Michelle is getting vajazzled.  She can't decide whether she needs rhinestone lips or a dolphin clued to her kitty.  Her friends think that K. Michelle is crazy when she admits to pouring a circle of salt around her bed pre-sex to ward off sex demons.  She's proving to be a tad off her rocker this season, isn't she?  Mimi dishes on her date, and she makes K. Michelle promise to be on her best behavior–aka, no weird sex talk–when she meets him.

Kirk Frost goes to Benzino to get some advice regarding Karlie Redd trying to get his wife to cut a diss record against K. Michelle.  While he knows Rasheeda has no desire to work with Karlie in that capacity, Kirk is thinking of the potential money it could make.  His brother needs financial help right now.  He then asks his friend for some relationship insight.  Benzino is exactly who I'd go to for help with my decade plus marriage…not!

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. are celebrating a brand new international deal while wearing plush robes, what else?  She really wants Stevie to love her like she deserves to be loved, and he starts counting out some cash.  Love and money are the same, right?  He's a tad confused.  Joseline wants the kind of romance where they are together regardless of their circumstances.  She asks him point blank if he loves her and her responds, 'Do fat girls love cake?'  He's so sweet.

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Stevie is ready to give his all to Joseline until Chey Mac pops back into the picture.  Much like Joseline, Chey would like to focus on her next hit song while all Stevie wants to do is check out her assets while making creepy rat faces towards her.

Over breakfast, Kirk tries to get his wife onboard with Karlie's diss record.  Rasheeda would rather bring her online boutique into a physical location.  It's so successful on the Internet, she can't imagine that it wouldn't rake in the dough in Atlanta.  Kirk reminds her that with an actual store comes the added cost of rent, employees, and insurance (just to name a few), but if he's not going to be in "agreeance" (is that a real word?) with her than Rasheeda isn't going to entertain his ideas either.

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Mimi's friends are going out on the town to meet her new man.  While Erica doesn't want to steal the thunder on her friend's night, she knows the girls will notice her missing engagement ring.  She decides to come out and tell them the news, although they aren't quick to pick up on her hand gestures.  K. Michelle doesn't think that Erica needs to put up with any of Scrappy's shenanigans, and Mimi feels like her pal's news has put a slight damper on the evening.  Luckily Nikko arrives and allows himself to be felt up by Ariane.  The women want to make sure that Mimi isn't diving into a relationship with Stevie 2.0.  Nikko toasts to Mimi's happiness and invites her friends to come watch him shoot a music video starring Mimi.  He has totally won over Mimi's group.

Benzino is up to his neck (no, really!) in Karlie stories, and he's upset that his ex is trying to come between his friendship with Stevie.  He goes to see her at the studio, and he confronts her about the rumor that they watched a naughty video of Joseline together.  Karlie can't believe that Benzino is lying about not showing her the tape, and then they get into a fight about him video taping them having sex when they were together.  Karlie starts throwing stuff at him, and he calmly asks her not to talk about him anymore because it's messing with his friendship with Stevie.  I totally believe Karlie, especially when Benzino starts to stutter a little.  He is so not telling the truth.

To rejoice in Joseline's amazing new contract, Stevie decides to throw a small party at a club.  He's surprised to see a slimmer, more orthodonted (yes, I made up that word) Chey Mac working the bar.  Joseline isn't going to be too keen on this situation.  Chey is super drunk and yelling about how real she is.  Knowing she'll probably have to work with Joseline, Chey tries to introduce herself to the Puerto Rican princess, but Joseline quickly shoot her down.

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Rasheeda and Erica meet for coffee, and Rasheeda is worried that she's pregnant.  Erica is shocked to learn that her friend is two months late, and Rasheeda admits that it isn't the best time in her marriage to have a another baby.  She's nervous to tell Kirk, but Erica thinks it could be just what the pair needs to mend their issues.  Before she shares her concerns with her husband, she goes to the doctor to get a definitive answer.  Rasheeda is pregnant, and while she's stressed, she's also happy about the news.

Stevie has a sit-down with Karlie, and they are joined by Joseline.  She is getting her drama on, and Karlie is confused as to why things were fine between them when they first talked about the Benzino situation.  I have to admit, I'm confused as well.  They joked and got coffee for goodness' sake!  Now, Joseline thinks Karlie is her mortal enemy?  I don't get it.  Joseline starts lunging for Karlie and calling her old and raggedy.  Production assistants are called upon to break up the mild (for this show's standards) altercation.  Weak.

Next week, Rasheeda and Kirk butt heads about her pregnancy, and Momma Dee and Shay surprise Scrappy with an End of Engagement cake.  He turns to his dad for advice.  Stevie prods Mimi for details on her new relationship, and K. Michelle causes drama at Nikko's video shoot.


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