No Update Yet On Sugar Bear’s Health; Mama June Claims Someone Intentionally Ran Over The Family Dog!


It's been a hard holiday weekend for the Shannon/Thompson family, and things don't seem to be looking up for the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo clan.  Here's hoping they get some good news soon.

As we posted on Saturday, Sugar Bear is in the hospital, and tests are being run.  Unfortunately, June Shannon doesn't have much more to report on his condition.  Also, their sweet pooch China, who often appeared on the show (he was particularly visible in most of the train shots) passed away over the weekend as well.  The whole family, especially Alana Thompson, is having a difficult time dealing with the loss.


June updated fans on Sugar Bear's condition via the show's Facebook page.  To keep it true true to form, I have added it here as it's written…like a text message from a teenager.  Doesn't anyone spell things out anymore?

She writes, "Update on sugarbear he is still in the hospital they r running a lot of tests on his brain dont really what to say what they r thinking it is until we have all the test and final answers but it could b very serious do hoping things turn for the good he is in good spirit just one day at a time right now hope everyone is having a great memorial day weekend b careful out there #prayforsugarbear."

In a post the following day, June continues, "No real update as of right now on sugar bear… he is in good spirits but they're still running lots of tests there's a lot of possibilities but nothing has been confirmed or ruled out… once we know something for sure we will definitely keep you all posted thanks for all of your prayers and concern it means a lot to us!"

I am very glad to hear that Sugar Bear is in good spirits, but I hate that the family is stuck in limbo without any definitive answers regarding his health.  Of course, when it rains, it pours, and the family was dealt some more horrible news.

June shares, "Well while sugarbear is up here in the hospital pumpkin and our security guy went back to our house to get clothes and found our dog china or chi-chi had been recently hit and left to die as she was still spasming as they found her we think it may have been done intentionally cause of where she was found at."  

The matriarch adds, "We rescued her bout 6 yrs ago on craigslist she was a awesome dog would lick u to death b4 she would bite u as I know if u have meet us at our home u have seen China she loved to b loved on and meet our fans too she will b greatly missed alana loved her a lot as all us did if u got a pic of her when u meet us plz post on here thanks."

If someone purposefully hurt their dog, I am disgusted at how low people will go.  Pets are often members of the family, and I feel horribly that the family is dealing with so much stress right now!


[Photo Credit: TLC]