Gretchen Rossi Admits Proposal To Slade Smiley Was Filmed For RHOC; Insists She Hasn’t Turned Into Tamra Barney!


Gretchen Rossi is working overtime to get a spinoff – too bad Tamra Barney beat her to the punch. Not to be deterred Gretchen and her Slavéence are pimping all the excitement of her proposal to him and their baby making quest! 

The Real Housewives of Orange County star has played coy about whether or not she proposed to Slave for a storyline but she recently admitted to Parade Magazine that the "intimate" moment was captured by Bravo cameras. Likely in an attempt to entice viewers and convince her boss Andy Cohen that these two can carry a wedding spinoff… 

"I was so nervous to propose! You’ll see it this season on the show," Gretchen reveals. "It was filmed and it was a pretty spectacular engagement. I can’t tell you details, but I can tell you the fans will not be disappointed. There are a lot of different steps that happened in the proposal and Slade cried a lot, I can tell you that!" Cannot. Wait. To recap this #IntenseSarcasm


​As for when this so-called wedding will be happening, the couple hasn't decided on a date yet because they are waiting for Bravo to offer them a show. "It took us four years to get to the engagement, so I don’t know how long it will take to get to a wedding," Gretchen explains, "but we have babies on the mind, so we haven’t decided if we’re going to go the baby route first or the wedding first."

Gretchen shares that she was gun-shy about getting engaged again following Jeff Beitzel's passing. "I had been so weary about getting engaged again because I had a lot of issues from my past marriage and past relationships. Obviously, I went through a pretty horrible time when Jeff passed, and I thought to myself: ‘Maybe this just isn’t the path for me. Maybe I just need to forever be in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.’"

"But after four years of being with Slade, I realized that he’s such an amazing, wonderful person — from who he is as a father and who he is as a partner — and we just went through such a tough period last fall with his son and dealing with his illness and it just made me realize that life is so short and why let your past get in the way of your future?"


Gretchen also says she would "possibly" consider having one of her costars be a bridesmaid. I'm not sure who since none of them really like her, but whatever – when Bravo pays, Bravo makes the decisions, right?!

Moving on from her wedding, Gretchen describes what motivates her to continue participating in reality TV and insists she is a businesswoman at heart. Apparently she has a "responsibility" to fans to be on the show… Is that code for 'desperately needs the money'?

"I do really question every year why I do come back. It is very emotionally draining for me. I don’t enjoy the drama at all. It drains my spirit sometimes, but I love my fans," Gretchen insists. Hear that fans – wherever you are – it's YOUR fault we're stuck with Slave! Thanks – thanks a lot.  

"That’s really my ultimate goal: to show other women out there that you can have your world crumble around you and you can have the worst thing happen, which is lose your partner, and you can still survive and get back up on your feet and make something happen for yourself. I feel like I have a responsibility to let people know that life is tough and you can get through it.” 

Finally, Gretchen wants to make it clear that she and Slave both work very, very hard. She is so not a gold digger, y'all! 

"For a long time, people just thought I was a gold digger, and I was with Jeff just for money and Jeff left me all this crazy money, but that didn’t happen," Gretchen says. "I take huge pride in the fact that I work so hard." Lugging plastic handbags around is really a lot of hard work!

"And they think that Slade is just riding on my coattails and that I just pay for him to have a posh lifestyle, but he works harder than me — and that’s working hard! We make an amazing team!" Amazing, eh?

Finally Gretchen defends her negative behavior this season. She says that everything she and Slade were dealing with concerning Grayson left her in no mood to put up with the drama. 

"And as far as this season goes, I’m hearing a little bit of rumbling that I’m being so mean and only saying what Tamra says now. I’m not mean; I just kind of was over it this season," Gretchen claims.

"I was dealing with such a hard situation with Slade’s son that the things we were arguing about were so insignificant in comparison to what I was dealing with in my life. I’ve always been real and true to my feelings. They might not like it, but I’ll always be authentic.”

[Photo Credit: Twitter]