Brandi Glanville's first book, Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders, was such a big hit (NY Times Best Seller and possibly a movie) that she scored a second book deal. Brandi recently dished some of the details on book #2 and it should be a fun and saucy read for Brandi fans.

Brandi won't be writing as much about ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his new wife, but they will most likely be part of a chapter on co-parenting after divorce. "Like my first book, there won't be any filters. I'm calling it as I see it and not holding anything back, even when I probably should. This second book will be filled with lots of drama, blunders, sordid details, and, of course, hashtags. I'm a bit wiser after having written my first book, but the craziness continues with co-parenting nightmares, exes, boyfriends, parties, sex, drinking, tweeting and everything else that makes my life such an adventure."


At first Us magazine said the book was tentatively being titled 'Drinking and Dating', but I think they've since edited the article to take that out or I've lost my mind and didn't read it right the first time through. I hope that's the title and that it has the "and Other Brandi Blunders" after it like the first one did.  It's fitting…especially when you're talking about dating! 

Brandi says book #2 is set to hit shelves in January or February of 2014, which is a pretty fast turnaround for publishing a book. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says she had trouble with which direction to go with it.  "It was hard, because I feel like there is so much going on in my life. It is more of a 'moving on' kind of guide, and just a relationship guide — like my relationship with my parents, my relationship when I am dating and living in Los Angeles."

I bet Brandi will keep some details to herself, like the names of the boyfriends. She did a good job in her first book of keeping that private (well, except that whole Gerard Butler fiasco).  Somehow I don't think she's out to become the Taylor Swift of the reality TV book world.

I know many of you got sick of all the drama and press, beating the topic of Eddie's cheating to death, during Brandi's book promotion, but I think she deserved to get it all out there and share her side.  We had only been hearing the "other side" for so long.  It's been several years and we should all move on from the scandal, but it's hard to keep it out of the media when the new wife won't stop Tweeting and opening those wounds over and over and over. 

I loved Brandi's first book  – it was different than what I was expecting – and it was the good kind of different!  I will also confess that I ordered more than one copy.  I couldn't help it.  Every single time the new wife would give an interview or try to defend her actions (seriously how do you defend knowingly pursuing a married father?), I felt inclined to show Brandi my support with another purchase.  Hopefully new wife shuts up during the next book tour because my wallet needs a break!


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