Farrah Abraham To Open Restaurant In Austin, Texas; Also, The Teen Mom Star Agrees To Plead Guilty To Aggravated DUI


Earlier today, Reality Tea reported that Farrah Abraham has enrolled in Pace University's online Lubin School of Business, with a plan to focus on internal auditing and accounting. Farrah shared that she expects to use the degree when she opens her own restaurant. 

Personally, I think the former Teen Mom star is way more likely to pursue the "lube business" than to graduate from the Lubin School of Business. Actually, given her hapless spelling/grammar skills, she might have meant to Google lube when she happened upon lubin. Oh my. Farrah and/or her business professor might be in for quite a shock when she hands in her first assignment.

Okay. I kid. Farrah obviously knows that she has enrolled in a business school; however, my brain will forever read it as Lube School. Coincidentally, while promoting Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom at the Exxxotica expo in Florida, Farrah shared more about her plans. 


When asked if she was happy to be back in Florida, Farrah said, "I don't miss Florida. I'm in Austin, Texas right now, working on my restaurant, so I'm very happy to be in Texas right now." Huh? Just last month, Farrah was moving to Los Angeles to pursue reality TV, and now she is opening a restaurant in Austin.

And there's more! "I'm working on my music," added Farrah. "I'm working on my restaurant. I'm working on a new book. I have, you know, some other stuff that you'll see on the main screen soon. So, there's a lot of great projects coming out soon."

Forget the Lube School of Business, Farrah needs the Cray Cray School of Delusions. Music? I'd choose to listen to her dying horse sound over her singing voice. Books? Even the smartest of smart phones couldn't translate one of her blog posts. Other main screen action? I won't even go there. 

The best part? When asked about the media attention, Farrah said, "I'm pretty down to earth, so all the extra attention I'm not paying any attention to. I'm focused on being a mother and being a businesswoman." 

We believe her, right? I mean, it's not like Farrah gave this interview while promoting porn 1,330 miles away from her daughter, oh wait..

In other news, Farrah has reportedly agreed to plead guilty to aggravated DUI on June 20.​

Farrah originally pled not guilty, and then she took her story to Dr. Phil, insisting that she was not. driving. drunk. Well, she drove around a corner, but she had been parked for two minutes before the cop approached her car. Apparently, the statute of limitations for Miss Perfection is, like, one minute.

Hoping to avoid jail time, Farrah has agreed to a plea deal that will result in a $500 fine, suspension of her driving privileges, and probation. 


Photo credit: Twitter