Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Kirk Frost Is Ice Cold

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Is it just me, or is NO ONE getting along on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?  Friends are turning on one another, and couples are crumbling.  Last night, Benzino was the only voice of reason–is that a sign of the apocalypse?

After a cuss-filled rant at the video shoot, Mimi Faust meets up with her biffle Ariane to hash out the fight they had.  Both women agree that K. Michelle has a big mouth, but Ariane thinks that Nico and Johnny should have handled the situation better.  She tells Mimi that the two men shouldn't have ganged up on K. Michelle, but Mimi isn't willing to forgive her friend.  Ariane persuades Mimi to join her on a quick trip to New York City where she will be visiting with K. Michelle.  She hopes her two friends will work through their differences.  Mimi won't shed her tough-girl exterior, but she would love to grab a drink at The Drunken Monkey.  Someone warn Big Ang, STAT!

Momma Dee want to clear the air with Lil' Scrappy regarding her end of engagement cake, but she admits that her son hurt her feelings with all of his negative talk.  He still can't understand how his mother can claim she loves him and wants the best for him while disrespecting him.  Of course, Scrappy is appeased (and slightly shocked) when Dee apologizes, but she is quick to reveal out of his earshot that she doesn't mean it.  She's thrilled that Erica Dixon is out of the picture, and she loved the delicious EOE cake!


Rasheeda and husband Kirk Frost are struggling in their relationship, and Rasheeda misses her best friend and business partner.  She hopes that Kirk can see her pregnancy as a blessing.  When she tries to talk to him about the situation, Kirk accuses his wife of being spiteful and purposely getting pregnant against his wishes.  Someone needs to enroll Kirk in a sex ed class.  He knows where babies come from, right?  He wants her to have an abortion.  I'm very disappointed in Kirk this season…he is usually a level-headed voice of reason, but now he seems hateful and selfish.  Rasheedah tells Kirk he needs to leave…I assume she means the conversation, but he is considering leaving their marriage.

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Traci Reese has invited Shay to a fashion event she's helping host.  Traci hopes that a night out will help her friend take her mind off her Scrappy problems.  Unfortunately, Erica is one of the models walking in the fashion show, so Shay can't quite forget her troubles.  Both Shay and Erica childishly ignore one another while chatting with Traci.  She wishes they would be more mature while simultaneously planning a lunch date with Erica to bond over the fact they are both single moms.  If Shay's eyes roll any farther back in her head, they may get lost!

Meanwhile, Stevie J. has taken Che Mack to the gym to introduce her to a treadmill.  He thinks his new protege is cool, but he doesn't want to make Joseline Hernandez jealous.  Che is confused…there isn't anything going on between she and Stevie, is there?  Stevie explains that Joseline would be hurt if she knew he'd visited Che's house and gifted her a flat screen.  He double talks and question dodges when Che asks if he's "in love" with Joseline, but she promises Stevie she'll make an effort to clear the air with the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican princess.  This is going to be good.

Kirk and his newfound bravado are attending a stripper-filled party at bobblehead Benzino's house.  Zino is floored to find out from his friend that Rasheeda is preggo, but he reminds Kirk that it takes two people to make a baby.  Who knew Benzino would be the voice of reason?  Benzino is embarrassed that his pal thought that pulling out was an actual form of birth control.  He even sticks up for Rasheeda when Kirk says that if anyone other than his wife was pregnant, he'd make sure the chick had an abortion.  What happened to last season's Kirk?  When Benzino makes you look bad, it's not a good thing!

Drew is waiting on Traci's half of the Sneaker Boutique investment funds.  She brings him the money…and a dude she's interviewed as the perfect candidate to manage the store.  While Drew isn't happy that she went behind his back to find an employee, Traci reminds him that she isn't down with video hos running her store.  After checking out the new guy's resume, Drew is happy to accept Traci's check…he even thinks she did an impressive job with her hiring.

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Dee has enlisted the help of a local trainer and dog whisperer.  Her pooch Merlot is having accidents in the house, and Dee is quick to blame Erica for the dog's bad behavior.  Dee really isn't concerned about the dogs. She is just enjoying staring at the foi-yine trainer and inserting sexual innuendos into her pet related questions.  Poor guy!

Joseline isn't excited to be at the strip club with Stevie because she senses he's up to something.  And wouldn't you know?  She's right!  Joseline is livid when Che Mack "Bracesface ho" arrives.  Che tries to apologize for her prior behavior to Joseline, and she questions Stevie as to why he has brought Che to talk to her.  Stevie reveals that he was trying to be respectful by not hiding his business dealings with Che from her, but now he's having second thoughts.  Maybe sleazy is better for Stevie.  Che continues to be semi-nice as Joseline tells her to crank her braces and threatens to punch her in the teeth.  Joseline starts to storm off, but when Che quips "tic tac toe" (is that an insult?), Joseline jumps her.  Che is going crazy as the production assistants pull apart the women.

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Ariane and Mimi arrive in Manhattan, and Mimi is very angry to learn that K.Michelle accused her boyfriend of being on the down-low during a recent radio interview.  Something tells me that they won't be making up anytime soon.  Back in Atlanta, Drew admits to being a total dumba$$.  His business partner took off with his and Traci's money because Drew neglected to get a signed contract.  Drew is embarrassed, and Traci is understandably pissed.

Rasheeda is meeting with Karlie Redd about the K. Michelle diss record, and she still doesn't want to be a part of it.  Rasheeda doesn't care enough about K. Michelle to bother with a diss track.  Karlie seems to take some offense to this, and she begins bragging about her recent musical accomplishments in L.A.  Needless to say, Rasheeda isn't impressed…and she says as much.

In New York, K. Michelle performed to a sold out crowd, and backstage, Ariane hopes that her friends can make amends.  The women start their back and forth rather calmly, but it quickly goes downhill.  K. Michelle then accuses Mimi's boyfriend of being gay (seriously, does she think every dude is homosexual?).  When Mimi reminds K. that she is alone and always will be, she gets hit in the face with a bouquet.  As Mimi keeps yelling, K. Michelle starts singing her reaction.  Are they for real?  When Ariane questions Mimi's maturity, Mimi gets in her bestie's face.  She is cussing and screaming so close to Ariane's nose, I'm concerned she's going to bite it right off!  Ariane doesn't back down either…she just keeps asking Mimi why she couldn't have been the bigger person and just walk away from the drama.  Um, has she ever seen this show before?

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Next week, Mimi asks Ariane her opinion on Nico, and Ariane and K. Michelle question Mimi's relationship.  Kirk accuses Rasheeda of cheating, and things go sour between Stevie and Joseline.


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