Danielle Staub’s Mansion Back On The Market As A Short Sale! Plus, Was She Stalking Real Housewives of New Jersey Cameras This Season?

Danielle Staub

Last year, Danielle Staub the embattled, snarled, and embittered former star of Real Housewives of New Jersey filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I know, a Real Housewife declaring bankruptcy – unfathomable! 

Last June Danielle alleged her liabilities at $1.9M and her income of only $63,791 in 2011. She earned $13,791 from her work with Dial-A-Star (HA!) and $50,000 for winning the massive reality TV flop Famous Food. Danielle owes Nordstrom a few thousand dollars and is in hot water with the IRS for $111,161. Does anyone in Jersey pay taxes?!

She also owes $70,000 to the town of Wayne NJ because of unpaid property taxes!  $5,162 to the New Jersey Taxation Department (whomever that is?) and a whole slew of money to lawyers and "communication experts." Is Danny on the list? I'm guessing low-budg sextapes and stripper antics don't cover the cost of paying PIs to dig up dirt on all your RHONJ co-stars! 


At the center of Danielle's liability claim was her Wayne, NJ mansion featured on RHONJ. Danielle attempted to sell the house while she was still appearing on the show, but the outdated decor and repairs which Danielle could not afford to remedy left the sale stagnant. 

Danielle has trying and failing to liquid the house on-and-off for years, pulling it off the market and then lowering the price and relisting. According to Zilliow (and our RHONJ source) she has been through numerous agents but the house is in such shambles she can't get anywhere near what she wants! And of course she's impossible to work with. HA!

Danielle no longer lives there and relocated to a condo of some sort, but she is still the owner of the 6,200 square-foot, seven bedroom house – and now the bank is stepping in because she's headed for foreclosure!  

Danielle initially listed the house for $1.495 million but it now sits on the market as a short sale for $899,000. Unfortunately the tax assessment only has it valued at $624,000. Danielle initially bought the home for just over a million with her ex-husband in 1998 and got it in the divorce settlement. According to the most recent listing agent the property is being sold "as is" with the buyers responsible for all inspections. Ouch. 

In other Danielle news there's been a whole host of speculation over whether or not she will appear on this season's RHONJ. A source connected to Tom Murro tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Danielle may just make an appearance because she's essentially been stalking the cast! 

"Danielle is not returning. She may make an appearance because they’ve done so many events in NYC," the source assures us. "They may cross paths with Danielle and she may show up on camera.”

Fans hoping for a Danielle/Teresa S2 reprisal or a blow-out with Melissa will be disappointed since the show has decided family drama is so last season and family mending is so new season! 

Photos of information from Danielle's most recent attempt to liquidate her assets are below! 

[Photo Credit: WENN.com]