Kenya Moore Sues Landlord For Wrongful Eviction; Claims Her Rent is Paid In Full & Her Landlord Is Using Her For Attention!

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Last week everyone was talking about Krayonce getting evicted! 

While the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was "out of town" the Sheriff's office was spotted serving her with an eviction notice on her doorstep and demanding she vacate the property. Kenya had three-days to respond to the notice. Kenya's landlord also filed a suit for unpaid rent. 

Kenya's landlord, Coya Weems-Dillon contacted us and revealed that this is the second time Kenya has almost been Gone With The Wind Homeless, but last time she paid up at the very last minute and Coya couldn't boot her out! 

Well now it seems Kenya is at it again! She insists her rent for May/June is paid-in-full and filed a countersuit for wrongful eviction, slander, and emotional distress. Um… seriously? 


According to Kenya she is sooo not evicted – and everyone is delusional but her. Kenya accuses her landlord of "lying" and trying to intimidate her to in an effort to force her out of the property! She also alleges that her landlord constantly enters the property without notice according to TMZ. 

Kenya is reportedly the tenant from hell who neglects the house and was filming on the premises without permission from the owners. 

In Kenya's suit she further accuses her landlord of using her for media attention and making up the eviction. Kenya says the disparaging story caused her to be "shunned" by her friends since everyone believes she is broke and no longer wants to hang out with her. BWHAHAHA! 

I'm sure this is all Phaedra Parksfault somehow. I'm sure she is the one who forced Coya to lie about Kenya. I mean the fact that people don't want to be Kenya's friend has nothing to do with her personality or the fact that she is fan-flippin' nuts, right?! Maybe Wendy Williams came through and paid Kenya's bills… 

Oh, Krayonce… you just keep on doing you. 

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