The couples of Newlyweds: The First Year are now getting into the swing of the married life, and this week I don't mean swinging punches.  Blair Late and Jeff Pederson are still arguing about finances, while Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen continue their uncomfortable honeymoon pact.  Kim and Alaska Gedeon share a tender moment when he shows rare vulnerability, and Kathryn Bougadis and John Lagoudes can't seem to see eye-to-eye over that pesky pool table!

Tina is upset because things seem to be changing between her and Tarz.  He's too into work, and she feels totally unwanted.  Tina feels stupid airing her issues, and she hates that Tarz doesn't seem to find her as attractive as he used to before they were married.  He wants to scale back, but his inner workaholic isn't letting him.

John is hoping to show Kathryn that he is capable of manual labor by painting the nursery.  She was raised by a handy father, while he grew up thinking that a true sign of success was the ability to hire people to do those things for you.  Thankfully, before he can paint too much, there is a tanning salon emergency because the beds won't work.  As Kathryn tries to fix the problem, John keeps shushing her.  He's very dismissive of her part in the business.  If I were Kathryn, John would have a paintbrush where the sun doesn't shine.


Blair is heading to work, and Jeff meets with an estate planning lawyer to get a handle on his finances property to protect the pair in light of any unforeseen tragedies.  The lawyer explains the legal and financial aspects of having a domestic partnership.  Jeff shares that he didn't include Blair in the meeting because his partner won't ever allow him to get a word in edgewise.  The attorney asks Jeff if he wants Blair to accumulate a interest in his house or if he'd prefer to keep his real estate separate from the pair's community property.  Jeff is leaning towards the latter from a business perspective, but the lawyer reminds him that a marriage isn't a business.

Fresh from his stint on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Alaska returns home and surprises Kim with bikes so they can explore their neighborhood.  She is over the moon at the surprise because it's something she's been hinting at for a while.  Over lunch, the couple talks about Alaska's constant traveling, and he shuts down when she won't consider coming to live part time in L.A.  He tunes out Kim and has a date with his phone.

Kathryn and John are admittedly clueless when it comes to buying baby stuff, and John is starting to worry that the baby is going to be monopolizing all of his wife's attention.  The couple has a lavish baby shower where John jokes too much about being forced to attend.  Kathryn is glowing as John makes it known to everyone that he's bored and not getting enough attention.  Gift opening is absolute chaos, and don't even get me started on the shower games!  Kathryn is disappointed from the lack of support from John's family, especially when she gets an underhanded toast from John's sister about how quickly the couple is moving.  It's incredibly awkward.

Tina and Tarz have decided to do something out of their comfort zone each month for their honeymoon.  They've already gotten matching tattoos, and now it's time for a nude-ish photo shoot.  Tina hopes it will bring the pair closer, but Tarz has thankfully put his foot down on the thong situation.  The photographer nixes Tina's ideas about Bollywood color, body oil, and glitter.  He just wants to shoot "their souls."  Tina dons her peacock feather outfit, and the photographer and Tarz bond over the fact that she should never be photographed in that getup.  Tarz wants Tina to think she's beautiful at her most simple.

Jeff has scheduled another meeting with a financial planner…and this one includes Blair.  Blair gives Jeff wardrobe advice while telling Jeff that he feels left out and overwhelmed of Jeff's initial meeting.  Feelings hurt, Blair totally shuts down while Jeff dresses in his best Brooks Brothers.  Blair won't listen to any of Jeff's chatter about community property, and it gets ugly.  He doesn't want to pay anything towards the house until his name is on the title.

After the shower, Kathryn and John are unpacking their loot.  Kathryn reveals that John has agreed to give up his pool table, and his sister questions that decision.  John then drops the bomb that he may not be ready to get rid of the table.  I am super thankful that I don't have John's sister as my sister-in-law…she's all about undermining Kathryn.

The photo shoot between Tina and Tarz starts off to nagging.  Tina is upset that Tarz won't break out of his comfort zone to take pictures, and she storms into the house.  Meanwhile, we're treated to Tina yelling at Tarz in a thong…and then Tarz in a thong.  Finally, they are posing for pictures that show their souls.  And their butts.  Bravo is very PG-13 tonight, isn't it?  The shoot ends up bringing the couple closer together which is very attractive to Tarz.  He feels very close to his wife sans her normal silliness.  It's actually very sweet…minus the thongs.

Alaska and Kim are trying to enjoy their time before he heads back to L.A.  Kim has agreed to cook a Haitian meal for his family, and he's thrilled that she's trying to channel his mother.  It's rare for Alaska to open up about his mom, and Kim is happy that he's finally talking about his family while they shop at a local grocery.  At his request, Kim promises to try to prepare Alaska's favorite dish every time he returns to New York.  They discuss Alaska's distance when dealing with his mother's death, and he breaks down.  It's a tender moment, but neither of them knows how to deal with it.

Kathryn is getting the nursery ready, and she surprises John with her progress.  Their son's name will be Dean James, after both of their fathers.  John loves the manly moniker.

At the financial planner's office, Blair's guard is already up when they start to discuss money.  Jeff tries to explain that Blair needs to learn how to manage his money, and Blair is all emotion.  The planner tries to define community property to Blair, and I'll give it to the guy…he's finally getting through to Blair.  Jeff is happy that Blair is being more proactive, and Blair warns Jeff that he needs to stop cycling sans helmet until they can draw up a will.  That sounds reasonable enough.

On the couple cam, Tina reveals that she's a week late.  She's clearly excited, but she doesn't want to get ahead of herself.

Next week, John embarrasses Kathryn in child birthing class, and Tina's dad introduces his daughter and Tarz to a younger woman who wants to marry him and have his babies.  Jeff shares some personal bedroom-style information that totally throws Blair for a loop, and Kathryn has a scare with her pregnancy.


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