The preservationists who have been rallying around a certain house on Star Island are likely peeved today.  They lost their battle with Real Housewives of Miami's Lisa Hochstein and her plastic surgeon husband.  It turns out that being built by Florida's first registered architect in 1925 isn't enough to get a mansion on the historical registry.

That sucker is getting leveled, y'all!  Well, maybe…if the preservationists don't keep the case going in our legal system.  The house was recently purchased by the reality couple who wanted to tear down the dilapidated structure and build their dream home.  At that point, the Miami Design Preservation League found a cause and have been blocking the Hochsteins' plans.


According to local station WSVN-TV, Lisa and husband Leonard have prevailed in their latest court case.  Leonard shares, "The City, the Designer Review Board, gave us permission.  He has upheld it, in the City. [The Miami Design Preservation League] has already hinted that the next step is to take this [case] to circuit court."

The League has appealed the ruling approving the demolition, but it was denied by a Special Master.  However, the group believes that the City's ruling left the door open to battle it out in another venue.  The League's attorney shares, "This is a landmark structure, and it should be preserved," adding, "We have the right to go forward to the courts and be able to challenge this decision."

The home has been the subject of a great deal of media.  Most recently, the Hochsteins threw a gangster themed soiree at the house (complete with Bravo cameras, of course!), which had the preservationists questioning the couples' assertion that the house was structurally unsound.

Leonard believes that his opponents care less about the mansion and more about the media attention.  He explains, "Well, the reason they're giving us a hard time is because [of] the publicity.  My wife has notoriety. She's one of the Real Housewives [of Miami], and so they're using us as a platform to get more publicity for themselves."  Notoriety, eh?

The preservationists' lawyer refutes Dr. Hochstein's claims, telling the station, "On the contrary, he bought one of the most valuable or most revered homes that has the highest visibility for Miami Beach on the causeway."


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