Last night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was all about a watch analogy.  K. Michelle realized it was time to act her age (although she may have had a little hiccup), Nikko was ready to clean Stevie J.'s clock when Stevie tried to upstage him in the gift-giving department, and Mimi Faust seems poised to give Stevie a "second" chance.  Sorry, that last one was a stretch!

After their bust-up, Joseline Hernandez meets with Stevie J. to get her money from her international record deal.  She doesn't want to fight with him, but she's tired of him bleeping every other bleeping bleeps and buying TVs for hos.  His bleep is raw, and Joseline doesn't want it anymore…she just wants her contract and her big record deal.  Unfortunately, Stevie drops the bomb that the deal fell through.  Oh, and if you didn't already know, he owns Joseline.  Please.


It's so funny to watch Karlie Redd try to be a bada$$.  She's meeting with K. Michelle who wants to air her grievances.  K. Michelle knows that if she can face Karlie without losing her cool, there is hope for her image yet.  She admits that she doesn't like Karlie, and she also explains that she has a hard time talking to people with her over-the-top temper.  Karlie reveals that she's written a diss record about K. Michelle.  K. Michelle actually appreciates her honesty, wishes her luck with the song, and hopes that they can start fresh in the future.

Stevie wants to get to Mimi, so he has to go through Ariane.  What?  I don't think he's ever acted so normal!  He tries to convince Ariane that he's happy for Mimi and Nikko, but she sees through his manipulative ways.  Ariane starts crying over Mimi and how much she's been hurt by Stevie and his cheating ways.  Stevie tells Ariane that he hates to hear that Mimi is miserable with the Atari version of himself, and he's trying to become a man that his daughter can look up to and respect.  I wonder how many takes that line took before he could say it with a straight face.  He is no example to his precious little girl!

I'll give it to Mimi…she may have horrific taste in men, but she seems to be a very savvy business woman.  She's doing a photo shoot for her fashion line MADE.  The brand name is a nod to her former cleaning service and stands for Making A Difference Everyday.  Nikko gifts her with a Rolex.  Um, it's thoughtful, but it doesn't have any diamonds.  For shame!  Not to mention, the watch is dainty and she prefers chunky jewelry.  And again, did I mention it doesn't have diamonds.  Nikko, Nikko, Nikko.  Gift fail, my friend!


Rasheeda is dining with her mother, and she wants to get her mother's advice on her situation with husband Kirk Frost.  Her mother has always been Kirk's biggest fan, and she's appalled that he's suggesting Rasheeda get an abortion and insinuating that the baby may not be his.  She questions whether Kirk is seeing someone behind her daughter's back.  Rasheeda admits that she had the same worries, but she's investigated and found nothing.  She certainly isn't going to accuse Kirk of infidelity with no proof.  Her mother wants to confront her son-in-law for his disappointing behavior.

After their parking garage yelling match, besties Benzino and Stevie make-up over some Cuban cigars.  They fight like brothers, and they will always be supportive of one another.  Stevie updates his pal on his off-again status with Joseline, and Benzino can't keep things straight with the cray-cray couple.  Before a rousing toast of "bros before hos" Benzino shares that he's done being single.  He describes his dream girl, and basically he wants a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed.  Sadly, he's no Usher, so good luck with that!

Mimi is using co-parenting as an excuse to meet up with Stevie.  However, they don't talk about their daughter…shocking, I know!  She shows him the tattoo that once matched his that she's had covered.  He apologizes for hurting her as she holds back tears.  The only thing about this scene that remotely has anything to do with parenting is that Stevie keeps referring to Mimi as "Mommy."  I won't even try to psychoanalyze that little nugget.


K. Michelle is celebrating her birthday with all her friends, and she's even invited Karlie as an olive branch.  Benzino gifts K. MIchelle with a diamond pendant (are you listening, Nikko?), and a jealous Karlie is seething.  Karlie gives K. Michelle the diss record which she promptly has played in the club.  Benzino is happy watching the ladies dance (especially K. Michelle…maybe her dry spell will end soon!), but K. Michelle takes offense to the lyrics which imply that she received a golden shower from her former manager.  Drinks are thrown, Benzino is reminded how messy his ex is, and Karlie storms out of the party.  In an odd twist, K. Michelle becomes eerily calm.  At Ariane's urging, she follows Karlie to her car to make amends.

All that K. Michelle knows about Joseline is the gossip she heard from Mimi.  Now that she and Mimi are on the outs, K. Michelle wants to meet with the Puerto Rican princess to find out about her for herself.  The women realize that they have a lot in common.  They have great voices and butts.  Kindred.


Meanwhile, Kirk is curious as to why his mother-in-law wants to meet him.  If she wants to help, Kirk thinks she should give them some money or pay their mortgage…otherwise, she "needs to stay in her place."  Nice, Kirk.  Still keepin' it classy, I see!  Her mother starts going off on Kirk's behavior, and she wants to know why he's so convinced that Rasheeda is cheating on him.  When she starts asking about whether he's dilly dallying on the side, he gets a very disrespectful smirk on his face.  I think Rasheeda's mom needs to be a staple for the rest of this season.  She's so funny cussing and muttering after Kirk into the parking lot.

Ariane, Erica Dixon, and Mimi are pre-gaming before Nikko's video release party.  She shows her friends the Rolex and asks if she sounds ungrateful for wanting more bling.  Ariane is worried that Nikko is exhibiting Stevie-esque tendencies with the controlling manner and lavish gifts.  Mimi doesn't think there is any comparison…Stevie has been so nice lately.  I love how Stevie is sweet to her over lunch (I wonder if he even paid!), and now he's back in her good graces.  Mimi's even invited him to the video viewing party!  Unfortunately for Nikko, he didn't re-edit the video as promised and Mimi doesn't get much screen time.  She is not happy.


Stevie arrives and accuses Nikko of buying Mimi a fake Rolex (the second hand ticks, and on my eighth grade field trip to NYC, the  street vendors told us the same thing when all the thirteen-year-old "country comes to town" students were obsessed with a $20 Rolex).  He gives Mimi a set of keys, and production assistants have to "step in" so Nikko doesn't go off on Stevie.  Outside, she hops into a new BMW which Stevie promises her with "no strings attached."  Bwahahaha!  Mimi heads back into the club, and Nikko wonders what her deal is now with Stevie.  Mimi can't believe that Nikko is getting upset about her baby daddy giving her a car.  He calls her damaged goods, and she takes major offense.  She just wants a new car, boo!  Mimi storms out yet again, but this time she's heading towards a new luxury vehicle!


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