Is Princesses Long Island Star Joey Lauren Jealous Of Casey Cohen And Ashlee White?


The Princesses: Long Island cast – as a whole – leaves a lot to be desired. And the show's abysmal ratings reflect that. Individually, however, I really like Joey Lauren.

Joey doesn't take herself too seriously. She seems witty, down to earth, and kind-hearted. Hands down, Joey is the bright spot in this dismal – albeit highly entertaining for all the wrong reasons – mess. 

So, of course I sense a "gang up on Joey" vibe coming from the two most pretentious princesses of them all, Ashlee White and Casey Cohen


The scene: Ashlee learns a guy's first name, Chanel Omari announces them engaged, Ashlee calls Daddy to gush about new man, and Joey tells Ashlee that she acts like a child. 

Casey shares that she was "disappointed" in Joey for "being judgmental and condescending" towards Ashlee in the Hamptons. 

"You could have kept quiet or just laughed it off and appreciated that Ashlee has a close relationship with her father," Casey says to Joey. "You seemed to be focusing on the negative attributes of everyone. This isn't what I'd want from any of my friends. Being a good friend is someone that lifts you up when you’re down and brings you higher."

Ashlee blogs, "The judgments just started spewing from Joey and didn't stop this entire episode!" 

"I don’t need everyone to love me, but I’m certainly not going to change my personality (or hide my relationship with my parents) over some guy," shares Ashlee. "I think we all heard enough of Joey’s 'rules' during the scene with Emmanuel. When Chanel announces to the group that Emmanuel is my future husband, Joey looks like she might implode."

Actually, I would love to hear a lot more from Joey, but who I am? Certainly no "princess" who thinks way too highly of herself. As of right now Joey is the only one I care to learn more about. Maybe Chanel, too, but she got a little too involved in the call the parents nonsense for my taste.

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Ashlee goes on to suggest that Joey is simply green-eyed. "Can we all agree that jealousy isn't attractive on anyone? Also, I'm having a hard time taking advice from someone in the exact same position as me – 29 and SINGLE!" 

Joey stands by her opinion of Ashlee's phone call. "I guess I'm the odd woman out for not thinking it was cute to call your parents when flirting with a cutie." 

"I did find it funny that as I am aggressively trying to slam dunk my point home, Clark Kent asks me to come sit next to him," adds Joey. "Perhaps that was more sexy than calling my dad, which by the way is creepy. In all sincerity, I really do hope Ashlee does fall in love (and soon). I think it would help her grow into a nice young woman and maybe even expands her views too." 

Joey also shares her thoughts on Casey's situation. And once again I agree with every single word. 

"I truly wish for Casey that she soon learns the skill of forgiveness," says Joey. "Once you learn how to move forward and wish someone the best, you can truly move forward in your life. Honestly, you don't even need to wish them well, but you do need to let go and move on and that is the first step in forgiveness."

Joey continues, "The only person that is hurting for all of these years is Casey because she can't let go of it. As she states, 'I think about him cheating on me every day of my life' – that is 4,380 days of her life that she's been upset by something that happened when she was 16 yrs old?!? 16 years old, people!!!"

"What is more concerning to me is that Casey views her situation the same her mother’s, but her mom had a wedding, a child, a life planned with someone 'till death do us part! Casey dated a 17-year-old boy for a few years who ended up being a jerk. Half of America is divorced, my parents included. Imagine if all of us impacted by divorce (so spouses plus their kids) went around wanting to punch people in the face. Oy!!!"

About Erica Gimbel, Joey says, "Erica – she was young, having fun and just didn't know or care back then and she's paying for it now," adding, "It’s very hard to see things unravel during the show. All types of issues come to surface. No matter what anyone thinks about the situation(s) at hand, I'm not going to leave anyone standing alone."

Is Joey jealous of Ashlee and Casey? Or is it the other way around?!

Sure, Ashlee and Casey can afford a closet full of fancy clothes, expensive hand bags, and high heels for every occasion, but what Joey possess inside can't be bought in any store. No matter how many credit cards are in Daddy Warbucks' wallet. Joey has NOTHING to be jealous about in my opinion. 


Photo credit: Bravo