Bravo's new show Princesses: Long Island is an epic mess. First, the ratings are awful, and second, the cast is even worse.

I do like that Bravo focuses on them as a group – for better or for worse – and doesn't allow any one Princess to dominate the show. However, in my opinion, the cast as a whole is neither likable nor interesting. I mean, these women are in their late twenties and early thirties, and really all we have seen thus far is one drunken fight over Facebook and a ridiculous amount of crying over high school drama from twelve years ago. I expected so much more.

Casey Cohen and Erica Gimbel break down the drama in their Bravo blogs. Erica insists she "respected" Casey's relationship with Dave, the boyfriend, and Casey calls her a liar. Also, Erica explains why she was so out of sorts in the Hamptons and addresses the Adderall.


According to Erica, she and Dave met through mutual friends and hit it off immediately. "I was aware that he was in a relationship and did not try to steal him away from Casey. I respected their relationship and he and I only hung out as friends until he broke up with her."

Erica also points out that she and Casey were barely acquaintances due to an age difference, adding, "I never intended to break 'girl code' and have her be hurt by me dating Dave after they were broken up." 

"After seeing the episode, I really had no idea Casey felt that Dave was the love of her life at 15," Erica shares. "It does hurt me to see her talk of that situation of breaking up with her and how it brought up emotions about her father leaving her. Prior to this, I thought that something that had happened so long ago would have been something of the past and maybe didn't realize how traumatic the situation was for Casey." 

Erica goes on to say that she felt "belittled" by Casey telling her to be quiet at dinner, adding, "It truly upset me. I believe if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything."

"I would never intentionally hurt anyone, but sometimes in our lives our actions, good or bad, can ultimately hurt someone," Erica concludes. "If I could go back 12 years, there are many things I would do differently, but we can only learn from the past. I tried my best to sincerely apologize to Casey for any hurt what so ever my actions caused her."

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Do you believe Erica? Well, according to Casey, Erica is a liar. "Let's get something straight, Erica. You stole my boyfriend. You lie in your blog." She doesn't hold back, does she? 

"The fact that you are even trying to excuse it and LIE is a testament to your character," Casey says to Erica. "You haven’t changed. I had every right to tell you your behavior was erratic, toxic, and unmanageable because it was and it’s been the same since we were younger. I’m not perfect by any means, but your behavior in the Hamptons shows it hasn't changed. It was self-destructive. That's why I don’t care to get to know you. I can’t respect someone who doesn't respect herself."


Casey goes on to tell Erica that she needs to start taking responsibility for her actions, adding, "Mommy and Daddy can't always pay to get you out of real-life situations." 

"Your apology doesn't mean anything because I'm not sure you even knew what you are saying," adds Casey. "But I've moved past it. It's hard to reach someone who doesn't want to be reached. We all have the ability to choose our friends, and I don't want to be friends with someone who doesn't want to be friends with herself."

Addressing Erica, Casey concludes, "A friend shouldn't feel responsible to take care of you at almost age 30. I'm not sure what went wrong, but responsibility, values, and work ethic are nowhere on your radar. You're hurting yourself and have the capacity to hurt someone else. That is not a friend." 

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Moving on, Erica was a complete disaster in the Hamptons. She looked horrible. She definitely drank too much, and we even saw her take an Adderall after a night of drinking and partying. 

Erica claims that she was sick the entire week prior to the trip and now realizes that she probably should have stayed home. "I really wanted Chanel to know how much I appreciated her setting up the whole weekend and did not want to ditch the group because of what happened between Casey and me and because I wasn't feeling well."

Looking back, Erica admits to feeling "mortified" by her excessive drinking, adding, "I drank that way to handle my stress and feelings of anxiousness."

"I was a mess who hit a breaking point," Erica adds. "I really did not want to go to the club and knew I should've gone to bed instead because I was still feeling sick from earlier in the week. I see how my behavior just got progressively worse through the course of the night. I was clearly aggravated, emotional, premenstrual, and belligerently drunk. It is not the person I am nor want to ever be. I would rather not drink at all then to behave how I did." 

Addressing the Adderall, Erica says, "I had been prescribed the medication at the time for ADD and no longer am. It is a horrible medication for me that I had terrible side effects from. Also, mixed with emotional turmoil and liquor, it is a recipe for erratic emotional behavior." You think? 


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