Hot Summer Kickoff Party

You know, I'll say one thing about the raging feud between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga…at least the ladies aren't petty.  When they argue, their beef has actual substance which makes it a little easier to relate to and understand.  I mean, if they were bickering about hospital visitation timelines give or take thirty-two hours or gym turf as if they were the Sharks and Jets, I doubt I'd be able to keep watching Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I'm sure y'all feel the same! 😉

After Teresa explained herself in her Bravo blog, Melissa gets a turn.  We're all for an equal opportunity snarkfest here at RT!  In her blog, Melissa explains that she can't remember her days of the week while adding that her husband's parents weren't upset about how long it took for her to visit her ICU ridden father-in-law.

I believe Melissa when she says they were happy for a visit and not concerned about when it actually happened.  However, do I think she should have made her best efforts to get there sooner?  Yes.  I also think that Teresa beating the visitation timeline to death is as eye-roll worthy as a frazzled Melissa lying about when she actually went.  But hey, at least it's entertaining!  Right?  It is, right…?


Melissa shares that she was shocked to be invited to G-to-the-I-A's birthday extravaganza, and she was worried about what would happen.  She writes, "As soon as I sipped my Fabellini, BAM, I’m bombarded with questions: Did you go see your father-in-law in the hospital? How many days before you went?…I was totally caught off guard. They put my feet to the fire, because I couldn’t remember what day I visited my father-in-law. Why this piece of information was so crucial to Kim D.’s sense of well-being will remain a mystery to everyone but her. She seemed personally offended, as if my father-in-law was her own flesh and blood."

The reality star didn't like being on display (sorry), and she was quick to deflect Teresa's pointed questions with deflection and vagueness.  Whatever works, right?  Melissa explains, "I was raised to be polite and answer a direct question when it was put to me. It’s a reflex. I didn’t stop to think, 'Hey, it’s none of your business where and when I do what I do.' I didn’t get a chance to ask them my questions, such as, 'Why didn’t you call your brother, who also went to the hospital this week, or even ask me how he was feeling?' Nor did I think it was a good time to address this at a child’s birthday party. The issue was never about whether or not I was showing the proper love and respect to our sick family members. At the time, it felt like the only issue was how these ladies could pick me apart and try to convince everyone that I’m a terrible daughter-in-law, wife, mother, and human being."

Citing her bout with strep throat and Poison's horrendous flu (I'll spare you Melissa's TMI on the subject), it's no wonder she didn't get to the hospital…until Joe had to be admitted to the ER for dehydration.  Heck, if I were Mr. Gorga, I wouldn't have wanted that germ party anywhere near me!  Melissa reveals, "On Wednesday, I felt a lot better. Antonia hadn’t gotten any of the illnesses in the house so I took her to visit her Nonno. We spent an hour at the hospital and it was great to see him. He was so happy we were there and was feeling better too."

She adds, "On Saturday, I took the kids to Gia’s birthday party, where I was put under a microscope by people I barely knew about the minute-to-minute breakdown of my whereabouts. It was like being on Law & Order, with the cops grilling me, 'Where were you on the afternoon of the 12th?' Why couldn’t we just enjoy the party?"  I'm sure that's what Gia wanted to know as well.  As if parents aren't embarrassing enough when you're twelve!

Melissa concludes, "I’ve been walking on eggshells with [Teresa] for ten years now, and my feet are killing me! I’m not perfect. I never said I was perfect. I make mistakes like we all do, and obviously I can’t count. I actually had to laugh at myself for arguing if it was three or four days. I still consider it three, which is closer to one, but whatever! LOL!"

Oh, LOLZZZZ indeed!


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