RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Drops New Single And Supports Gay Pride!

melissa gorga single

I know what y'all were all doing yesterday at 1 pm.  Like me, you were impatiently waiting for Melissa Gorga's new single Never Let Me Go to drop.  A mere twenty-four hours later, there is no doubt you have it on repeat.  Melissa shared the exciting news on her official Facebook page, writing, "@boogiestation @melissagorga NEVER LET ME GO new single debuts 6/19 at 1pm!"

Are you going to be in the Big Apple this Friday night?  Got big plans?  No?  Well, now you do…and I'll bet you'll get to hear even more of Real Housewives of New Jersey's resident pop star (although sadly, not this new track).  She's hosting a party at Splash Bar, and we're all invited!


In an interview with Edge on the Net, Melissa promotes the event while sharing a little PR about herself.  Of course she does!  She tells the site, "There’s definitely two sides to my coin.  There’s that second that I get on that stage when that diva comes out."  Who wouldn't want to see that?  

The bar is a favorite of Melissa's, and those who frequent Splash consider her the unofficial "New Jersey Ambassador to Gay Pride."

Melissa shares. "I’ve gotten to really love Splash.  I appreciate the folks that come out there. It’s always so much fun."

While she won't be performing her new song, Melissa admits, "It’s my favorite [track] so far.  It’s about when times get rough someone’s going to have your back. Basically, it’s about my husband."  Def beats courtesy of Poison?  I love it!

She adds, "He’s charming – I am nothing without Joe. He’s my rock."

Of RHONJ, Melissa says she is learning to not to be so bothered by how some viewers perceive her.  She explains, "Season to season you never know what’s going to happen, or how you’re going to be portrayed, but people know me as the person I am. I think they get that sometimes things may get flip-flopped every once and a while."

Of course, being on reality television is stressful (for serious, y'all!), and sometimes Melissa wishes she could be incognito for a bit, especially when she's working on her music.  She admits, "Sometimes I wish I could turn [the cameras] off, but it’s kind of nice that the cameras capture it. People get to go behind-the-scenes as I’m being creative.  People need to see me struggle – that I do have to work for it. I hope people appreciate it that I put it all out there."

As for Friday's festivities, Melissa can't wait.  She says, "New York City Gay Pride is unreal! I’ve always supported Gay Pride.  Everyone is just so excited to be here – it’s a celebration. On that particular day everyone gets to see how joyous everyone can be. Pride is about acceptance and freedom and not having to hide anything."

Now if we could only get that message through the heads of the rest of the cast!


[Photo Credit: Facebook]