Last night's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was a hair-raising event.  There were pee tests gone wrong, break-ups gone terribly wrong, and the worst weave and bubbly cocktail establishment opening to date in the history of reality television.  Of course, it may have been the first weave and cocktail store ever, but still….

Karlie Redd calls Mimi Faust to give her some intel about Nikko.  The women head out shopping, and while Mimi finds Karlie to be super messy, she wants to hear what Karlie has to say.  Karlie reveals that Nikko has been trying to hook up with her, and she has text messages from friends of friends to prove it.  Mimi sees the proof, and it's almost as if she's gotten the excuse she wanted to kick Nikko to the curb.

After Joseline Hernandez and Stevie's J.'s blow-up, he feels like he was too harsh on her.  Translation:  Now that he's got Mimi in his back pocket thanks to the BMW purchase, he needs to straighten things out with the one groupie who will do anything for him.  Joseline admits that she has a tough exterior, but she's missed her Stevie.  She wants to work on her music with him, and he thinks that they need to go the independent route to promote her new songs.  The pair share a pinky swear and all is right with the world.


Mimi drives her new Stevie sponsored ride over to Nikko's apartment.  He's upset about Mimi's behavior at his video party.  Both Mimi and Stevie wore white to the party.  He even bought her a white car.  Clearly, they were plotting against him at his own event.  Nothing says conspiracy like an all white wardrobe!  When she questions him about Karlie, he's all about changing the subject.  When Mimi storms out, he asks is she'd like to have a threesome with Karlie and him.  The new "in your face" Mimi (she's been around a lot this season, hasn't she?) chest pumps Nikko while cussing in his face.


Lil' Scrappy is in trouble with the law, and he's called his mom and Erica Dixon to support him at the lawyer's office.  Scrappy is on probation for some tiny snafu with marijuana and firearms.  Momma Dee isn't thrilled to see that Scrappy has enlisted Erica to help him.  Scrappy has been cited for refusing to take a drug test.  However, it seems more like the probation officer refused to accept the sample given.  Regardless, his lawyer is in damage control mode.

Karlie has decided to open her own hair selling store.  Is that really a thing?  Traci Reece comes to check out her friend's new space, and she reveals that she's finally ready to date again.  What?  So soon?  It's only been like eight years since Drew called things off with her.  She's going out on a date with a guy she's been crushing on from her gym.  Over/under on how long she takes to try to make Drew jealous?

Rasheeda is looking into ditching husband Kirk Frost as her manager.  She's meeting with the CEO of a record company to explain the discord between her and her husband.  Deb is about as thrilled as Kirk to find out she's trying to promote an album while pregnant.  She's not Beyonce.  However, Deb is willing to take a chance on working with Rasheeda in Kirk's absence.


Ariane's grandfather has passed away, and Mimi is going to church with her for support.  K. Michelle has offered to sing at the service, and Ariane thinks it will be the perfect opportunity for the women to bury the hatchet.  She really does have such a powerful voice.  After the service, K. Michelle offers an apology, although Mimi thinks that the setting and time is totally inappropriate.  Mimi listens stone-faced, and Ariane begs her to say something.  K. Michelle understands that Mimi isn't ready, and she just wants to be supportive of her friend.  Mimi explains that she has nothing more to say to K. Michelle because she's had such a hard week.  Harder than Ariane who just lost her grandfather?  Selfish much?

Back in his lawyer's office, Scrappy is getting the worst case scenario from his attorney.  Scrappy's lawyer isn't sure whether a warrant has been issued for his arrest for the parole violation, but he urges Scrappy to turn himself in if they learn that is the case.

Traci's date arrives on a horse drawn carriage.  From the back, I think it may be Kirk, but from the front he looks like he's fourteen…if a fourteen-year-old boy had massive neck tattoos.  K. Michelle's new single plays in the background while Traci starts questioning/flirting her date about past rumors of him cheating and being a man whore.  She recognizes the red flags, but he's just so nice.  No worries, Traci!  He assures her that he's done a total 360 from his past behavior.  Um…so he's right back where he started?  Bless him.


It's family day for Mimi, Stevie, and their young daughter.  Stevie jokes that he's happy to see she's no longer wearing the Rolex Nikko gave her.  They chat about her break-up with Nikko while their poor daughter tries to interrupt them for some attention.  I'm glad that Eva is too young to figure out what they are talking about.  Oh wait, she clearly just said, "Daddy's the problem."  Maybe she's picking up on more than I assumed!

Deb arrives to Rasheeda's video shoot, and she's a bit shocked to see how pregnant Rasheeda now looks.  Kirk comes by, and he's livid that she's using their business money to make a video when she's in such a state.  Her timing is horrible.  The couple proceeds to fight in front of everyone, and he threatens to take her off their joint account. They basically decide they are better off alone in a ego battle that just keeps escalating.  After Kirk storms out, Deb admits that she's also taken aback by how quickly she's trying to move this record forward.  Deb explains to her that getting pregnant was the last thing Rasheeda should have done if she wanted to move forward.  She should use her pregnancy time to grow her other business ventures and save the videos until she's got her figure back.  Rasheeda is teary while hearing this, but she seems to appreciate the tough love.


It's the grand opening for Karlie Redd's Champagne and Weave.  I am so going there the next time I visit Atlanta.  Traci has invited both Erica and Shay in hopes of mending fences.  Bad idea.  Shay feels disrespected and starts going off on Erica, while Traci yells at her to calm down.  Something tells me their friendship may not survive the weave shop event.  Shay swings at Erica which is unfortunate for Traci given that she's in the middle of the two crazies.  Erica is livid.  What if she's lost a contact?  Shay starts banging on the windows, which causes Erica to strip off her jacket before Shay is carted away by production assistants.  Classy.  Poor Karlie.


[Video Credit: VH1]

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