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Kim Zolciak says the photos of her smoking while pregnant were not taken this week. 

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star fired off a cease and desist to the photo agency selling the photos, claiming that they weren't taken yesterday (but she doesn't say exactly when they were taken). 

According to TMZ, "Kim feels the agency defamed her by creating a made-up scandal — and she also claims the photog was trespassing when the smoking pics were taken."  She says they DID get photos of her yesterday, but she was wearing black sweat pants seen here.  Interestingly, the tank top looks the same in both pics.

The agency did take down the photo set in question, but they are still selling the photos of Kim smoking at the beach earlier this month before she confirmed her pregnancy to the world. 

So far the photo agency hasn't asked us to take them down (or any other media outlet that we know of).  We'll keep you posted. 


UPDATED: Kim took to Twitter last night to share that her legal team is looking into the "misleading accusations". 

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We still haven't received any notices from the photo agency asking us to take down the photos they sold us, which usually happens when there's an issue like this. I do still find it interesting that Kim didn't have anything to say earlier this month when the photos of her pregnant and smoking on vacation came out.  I wonder what it is about this particular set that rubbed her wrong? Maybe just that the photog didn't have permission to be where he/she was shooting the pictures from?


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo