It seems like Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are constantly in the media for feuding or cookbooks or club promotions, so today we thought we'd send some love to Real Housewives of New Jersey's Kathy Wakile.  Granted, it's not as exciting or dramatic as anything her co-stars are usually stirring up, but sometimes we need a little calm in our lives, right?

Speaking to Parade, Kathy dishes on life with the Bravo cameras and how she's tried to maintain balance with her family, her new business opportunities, and the all encompassing world of reality television.

Kathy has tried hard to make sure her kids don't listen to the haters, saying, “Sometimes it gets to you when people feel they are entitled to negatively judge you based on what they see on TV.  My husband and I always discuss these things with our kids and try to reinforce what they know to be true about our family and not respond to ‘critics’ who don’t know the whole story. At the end of the day, we are each others foundation and stability, and that will never change. Our mantra is: ‘Don’t let other people’s perception change your reality.’”


Of her tenure on RHONJ, Kathy shares, “So far, most of our experiences have been very positive. Of course, my family and I had to make some adjustments and have to work harder to achieve a balance between home life and career. I think that holds true for any stay-at-home mom like myself who gets back into the working world. You have to make adjustments. Communication is a key element in maintaining your strong family unit and scheduling family time is at the top of my list, even if its just for family dinners or taking a quiet walk together."

She adds, "When the cameras are off, the chores and responsibilities still need to be fulfilled. And this is one mom who makes sure it happens. We’ve been very lucky to have met some fantastic people through our work and it’s very gratifying to know that people relate to our family. I’m glad the viewers can laugh along with us and understand that when we have issues, we’re just like them and trying to figure most of it out as we go.”

While she is certainly a lot more recognizable now that she's a reality star, Kathy tries to maintain some sense of normalcy.  Of her  family's new found fame, Kathy opines, “That’s something that is still kind of odd because we still try to live our lives the way we did before. Albeit maybe a little more aware of our surroundings, but we still do many of the things we used to do. Every once in a while, we’ll get caught off guard and forget that we are on TV and that people know who we are and know details about us. At the same time, it’s very flattering.” 

The platform also gives Kathy the opportunity to hock her own products, just like any good housewife!  She tells the site, “I’ve been working on my dessert line, Dolci della Dea – Goddess Sweets. My first product is the cannoli kit. The kits and fillings are currently available through my website. I am also excited to be the newest ambassador of  Wines by Wives and their great wine club, now I get to share all my favorite wine picks with all my fans every month, and my charity that is near and dear to my heart is The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation."  Kathy's daughter Victoria suffered from a life-threatening brain tumor as a child, and she is happy to get to work for such a worthy cause.  

Like all of her co-stars, Kathy promises that the drama will continue throughout this season.  She teases, “The season is full of twists and turns; just when you think things are running smoothly, something crazy unexpected happens and we’re all left thinking ‘what the heck just happened!’ It’s our real life and often times in real life, that’s how it goes. I hope the fans enjoy watching us work together to try and figure it all out.”

We're definitely still watching!


[Photo Credit: Bravo/Ivan Nikolov/]