Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: You Do You


I'll give it to the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta…they are willing to share the spotlight and the drama!  One week, it's all about Stevie J. and his love rhombus, and the next week, Benzino's mountain weekend takes center stage.  It's compromise at its most pure form…

Kirk Frost's actual threesome is happening on camera.  Whatever happened to the subtle innuendo of a man walking two hoochies into his bedroom and America knowing what was getting ready to happen?  Did we really need to see the naked backs and the massages?  Gahhhh.  The following morning, Kirk knows he's got a lot of things to fix, but he hasn't had so much fun since the late 90's.  Benzino thinks that his friend has made a major marriage error, and he questions Kirk as to whether a threesome with video vixens was "the pass" Rasheeda had given him.  Kirk couldn't care less.  He had a hot tub and some biznizzles…it was meant to be.  Please forgive me for trying to get my inner Scrappy on, but it's so much fun!


K. Michelle has invited Ariane to help pick out some new hair (how many of her co-stars are going to cash in on this?), and Ariane is totally rockin' a faux bob.  She teases with K. Michelle about singing background, and Ariane is hoping that her friend will hop on board because she's always wanted to be a singer.  K. Michelle is floored that Ariane thinks she can just waltz in and be a background singer, but she's willing to give her pal a chance…but no favoritism.

Mimi Faust is floored by Stevie J.'s newfound attention.  He's already hanging all of his recent gifts over her head in return for some sexy times.  Mimi quickly hands him back the keys to her new car, and Stevie gets super defensive.  He does what he wants.  He doesn't care that Mimi is catching a cab away from their lunch date.  He never disappoints.

While Scrappy's future is unknown, he urges Erica Dixon and Momma Dee to come together to take care of Scrappy and Erica's daughter Imani.  The former enemies meet up at Prince Scrappy's request to figure out Scrappy's financial responsibility to Imani.  Erica doesn't want to take a dime from Momma Dee, and the two butt heads.  Momma Dee thinks Erica just needs to pawn her engagement ring to make the money she needs if she isn't willing to get assistance from The Queen Dee.


Drew stops in on Traci to apologize for being jealous of her Seal/Akon boyfriend.  She reminds him that she's been watching popcorn groupies go through his revolving door, so why should she feel badly about having a new guy in her life?  Drew tries to play it cool, and he offers to take Traci and her new boo out to dinner so he can meet the new man around his son.  Double standard much?  Yeah, he totally admits to it…which is a tad refreshing.

It's tour time for K. Michelle, and she's got a long line of people who are interested in auditioning to be her back-up singers.  It's like watching the first portion of American Idol when most of the people are hilarious until interspersed with that one talented raw gem…with equally catty judges.  Ariane arrives, and after her flat audition, one of K. Michelle's posse equates her to a dying cat.  K. comes to bat for Ariane, and Ariane appreciates her friend for being professional and sticking up for her to her jackhole sidekick.


Erica decides to take Momma Dee's advice and sell her engagement ring to make some money to support Imani.  Dee is all about this option, and she asks to accompany Erica on her cash making endeavor.  The jeweler tells Erica that she has two options:  she can sell the ring out right, or she can consign it and potentially buy it back at a later date if there are no takers.  After quickly consulting Dee, Dee tells Erica that she should sell the ring…it's not like anyone wants her back together with Scrappy.  Of course, after hearing the numbers associated with each option, Erica decides to consign the ring…and it's not because she's trying to leave the relationship door open.

Joseline Hernandez is doing everything in her power to secure an engagement to Stevie.  Bless her heart.  She's got him looking at real estate, and she's doing her best to seduce him on every piece of furniture.  I wish she would stop fondling Stevie's goatee…I guess that's all she needed to do, because Stevie is quick to jump on board the "Joseline buying them a sweet condo" train.

Traci is hosting an event to raise money for a local battered women's shelter, and she shares that her friend Bambi (who doesn't love a VH1 crossover?) will be modeling at the party.  Benzino is excited to see Bambi, and he brings Kirk who runs smack dab into one of his menage a trios pals.  Traci meets Kirk and the hot tub time machine babe who keeps harping about Kirk's free pass.  She's appalled at Kirk's gross behavior and put the kibosh on their conversation.  Good for Traci!


Momma Dee is auditioning a very royal speech for Scrappy's loved ones (Erica included) to introduce him back into society after making bail.  Erica can't believe her diatribe, and Scrappy is ready to get his dris-nigh-ee on at the club.  Erica wants to tell Scrappy about her consigning the ring before his mother has the chance to do so.  He is devastated…that ring was a symbol of him wanting to build a fam-nigh-ee.  Scrappy won't show he's upset by Erica's behavior, and all of a sudden, Scrappy is faced with the craziness of a fighting Erica and her mother while Momma Dee spouts off Snow White-esque nursery rhymes about their mother-son relationship.  Basically, it's Scrappy's mom versus Erica's mom, and I love how classy this entire affair is.  How do I get invited to these get-togethers?  They are way more exciting than my family reunions.


After seeing Kirk and hot tub chick, Traci decides she needs to tell Rasheeda about her interaction with them at her event.  Traci tells Rahseeda what she saw, and  Raheeda is more than upset with Kirk's take on his "free pass."  Her anger turns to tears, and someone bring this woman an Emmy!  Cue Kirk.  Traci exits stage left while Kirk and Rasheeda argue about the definition of "do you."  Does it mean "figure out what you want" or "do whatever you want with whomever you want"?  Rasheeda thinks the former (me too!), while Kirk argues for the latter.  When she asks him about the mountains, he admits that he was drunk, but he may have had some naked chicks in his bed.  A livid Rasheeda kicks him to the curb. throwing his clothes into the yard while he peals out of the driveway.  I love that Rasheeda rant that Kirk should go hang with "no neck ass."  Loves!


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