Nicole Murphy And Mayte Garcia Talk Season Two Of Hollywood Exes


The gorgeous women of Hollywood Exes are back. Nicole Murphy, Sheree Fletcher, Mayte Garcia, Jessica Canseco, and Andrea Kelly have all returned for season two. In addition, we'll soon be introduced to a new member of the cast, Shamicka Lawrence

About Shamicka, Nicole shared, "She’s turning to us for support in the midst of her divorce [from Martin Lawrence]. She’s working on keeping her daughters’ lives balanced because it’s a change for them. Shamicka and I were neighbors when we were both married to our exes and we always remained friends, so you’re going to see this new, wonderful cast mate of ours.”

Nicole also revealed what viewers should expect from the second season of Hollywood Exes, saying, "The first season was all about getting to know the girls and our characters. This season is more about ‘What is happening here?'"


Nicole continued, "Drea, for instance. Now that you know her, you’re going to see a whole different side of her, splitting her time between L.A. and Chicago, spending time with her kids. And Mayte, this season she’s exploring adoption and becoming a mother.” 

Will Nicole continue to be the calm and collected glue that holds the Exes together? “This season you’re going to see me get a little mad at somebody. But I do more or less try to hold everybody together and keep the peace and the sisterhood with each other." When pushed for more info on the drama, Nicole simply said, "There's a fur issue."

Next, Mayte revealed where things stand with Drea, her season one BFF, and with Jessica, her season one nemesis. About Drea, she said, "This show is 100% real and so are our relationships. We’re very close. We talk a lot. We have so much in common it’s kind of scary, we even got married on the same day, in the same year. We’re soul sisters."

Martin NOT Happy About Shamicka Joining Hollywood Exes

Will Mayte and Jessica make amends this season? "Jessica is Jessica, the things that she says, you sit there and you go 'Oh my God,' but she is who she is and you love her, but there are times when I want to strangle her! But this season we start a great union, which is going to shock people."

On a more personal note, Mayte opened up about her choice to pursue adoption, as we saw on the season premiere. "This season, I’ve been gifted this amazing opportunity and it’s definitely been a journey," she said.

About her mother's negative reaction, Mayte shared, "Yeah. I’ve hinted it to her before, before the opportunity had come so close to me. I had thought about it because I want a family, so I’ve mentioned it to her before and she’s always been very 'Eh, no, no, no.' I was hoping, because the opportunity was there for me, that my mom would be a little more receptive toward it but no, I wasn’t shocked. But to hear it come out of her mouth was really hurtful."

Mayte added, "In my family they’ve always been like, oh no, it’s not blood, if it’s not blood it’s not family. It’s been really hard for me to try to explain that it’s not about that. I want to open some minds as well to adoption because it’s pretty amazing, this journey I’m going through."



Photo credit: VH1