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It's time for another installment of everyone's favorite Peach State telenovela!  Last night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta did not disappoint.  I found love with the kind hearted Poppa J. who makes Stevie's grossness and disgusting misogynistic actions even more of a mystery to me.

Rasheeda comes to Mimi Faust's apartment to vent about husband Kirk Frost's behavior at the lake with Benzino.  She reveals that, yes, she did tell Kirk to do him, so she can't be totally shocked by his trysts.  Um, no.  She told Kirk to do him, she didn't tell Kirk to do video vixens in a hot tub.  A teary Rasheeda remembers the Kirk she met as a teenager and cries that she didn't get married to get divorced…especially pregnant with his child.

Lil' Scrappy decides to do the right thing and redo his pee test.  Unfortunately, he's been smizz-ni-oking the marijuizzlefashizzle, and he's hoping the judge will be lenient with him.  Scrap's attorney has also given him the name of a good drug counselor who can help him get to the bottom of why he needs to get high.  One look at Momma Dee raving about how Erica Dixon is a farm animal in the pastures of her palace and I have his answer…free of charge.


Traci Steele has convinced her new boyfriend (this week he's looking like Todd Bridges) to meet her ex Drew for lunch so he can apologize for his recent shenanigans in regard to their relationship.  Drew is basically a hybrid of a dad who is interrogating his daughter's first date and a dog marking his territory all over Traci.  Drew is all about air quoting and googling Traci's new beau's mug shot.  Poor Traci…she's a horrible actress when she learns of Willis' criminal past.  Maybe in a few more seasons she'll have the acting chops of Joseline Hernandez.  I do have to laugh when Traci's dude says he's not intimidated by her baby daddy, and Drew pushes his Urkel glasses up on his nose and corrects him with "her son's father."  Traci exits stage left and waxes on about how she won't tolerate a liar…unless it's Drew.  Her boyfriend follows her out of the restaurant, and he attempts to plead his case.  It's too late for Traci though.

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Poppa J. is cooking for Stevie J. and he's now my all time favorite character in the history of the franchise.  How cute is this man and how delicious does his dish look?  Stevie reveals that he bought his father a home in Atlanta when he learned that his dad was having prostate problems.  Joseline loves the Stevie she sees when she's around Poppa.  He's a good man.  She admits that she's got the marriage bug, and Poppa thinks Joseline needs to stay on his son.  Stevie reminds us that's he's not yet ready to jump the broom.  Poppa prays over their meal.  Could be be more adorable?

Mimi invites Kirk over to discuss his problems with Rasheeda.  Did y'all see Kirk just break cardinal reality rule number one?  He looked directly at the camera when he walked in the door.  Kirk shares that he's known Mimi longer than Rasheeda and he's willing to hear what she has to say.  Kirk admits that he had fun doing him when he didn't feel like he was getting enough attention from Rasheeda.  A saddened Mimi asks how Kirk is setting an example for his kids, which seems to hit home with Kirk…either that or he's a much better actor than Traci!

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All is well with Mimi and K. Michelle, and the two are having some inappropriate girl talk with Ariane.  In between their jokes about lockjaw during oral sex (really?  REALLY?), Ariane admits to what our comments section has been buzzing about since she first graced our screens…she likes the ladies.  K. Michelle is surprised by the news (Mimi apparently already knew), but she's supportive of her friend.

Scrappy heads to counseling to find out if he has a serious addiction to Mary Jane.  He thinks he has a problem given that he's facing jail time and still toking around the clock.  His counselor wonders why he would smoke right before he knows he has to take a drug test.  Scrappy explains that he doesn't like being sober…high is better.  He covers his ears when the counselor recommends substance abuse treatment and therapy, but he's willing to try.

Joseline and K. Michelle are meeting for cocktails, and they dish about Joseline's relationship with Stevie.  His father's issues have brought them closer together.  K. Michelle is surprised to hear how much Joseline claims that Stevie has changed, given what she saw Mimi go through with the guy.  However, she's happy her new friend is happy.  K. Michelle tells Joseline that Karlie Redd will be doing a showcase, and she convinces Joseline to join her.  This should be good considering all the gossip Karlie has spread about Benzino and Joseline!

After breaking up Traci's relationship with the new dude, Drew admits that he may have had ulterior motives.  While he initially believed that seeing Traci with a new guy sparked old feelings, he wasn't willing to reconcile.  He realizes after he broke up her relationship, that he doesn't want her…he just wants her to be happy.  Drew admits to cheating when she was pregnant and apologizes that his past behavior makes her unable to trust men now.  She seems hopeful that she's about to hear what she's been dying to hear for years, but Drew explains that he wants exactly what she wants…just not with her.  However, he loves her and wants the best for her.  It may be the first honest words to come out of Drew's mouth.

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It's time for Karlie's showcase, and she's shocked to see that K. Michelle has brought Joseline to her event.  The women laugh about how they are trying to grow and be supportive.  Joseline actually acts like a normal, even-tempered adult.  Of course, when while Karlie is lip synching her way through her set, Joseline is spewing insults.  After her show, Joseline tells Karlie that she loves her new hair color as it makes her look younger.  And scene.  Joseline has epically failed at keeping her sharp tongue to herself.

At a treatment facility, a psychologist is digging deeper about Scrappy's ganja addiction.  We learn that Scrappy started smoking weed when he was twelve.  That breaks my heart.  After asking about Scrappy's parents' pasts, I think the psychologist is a bit floored to learn that Scrap's father is a minister and his mother "used to sell drugs and pimp some hos."  Scrappy also shares that Momma Dee doesn't like him smoking pot because of his asthma, she's quick to supply him if he needs it.  The doctor tells Scrappy he needs to take a vacation from his mother's influence and asks the million dollar question–would he like to see his daughter excelling in college or on the pole?  That seems to get through to Scrappy, and I really hope he is able to rise above his issues.

Tired of waiting for Stevie, Joseline decides to take matters into her own hands and shop for wedding rings herself.  Oh gracious.  This will not end well.  Meanwhile, Rasheeda is telling her mom about the lack of effort of Kirk's side, and she's already consulted with a lawyer.  Her mother is upset–her daughter is beautiful, even pregnant!  She hasn't let herself go enough that Kirk should stray.  As if on cue–wait, let me rephrase…ON CUE–Kirk arrives, and Rasheeda's mother storms out, running over Kirk's motorcycle multiple times in the process.  The bike catches fire.  Hilarious!!  Best.  Ending.  Ever.


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